Friday 5 June 2020

VINCENT GAGLIARDI Large scale and well organised SCAM THROUGH e-Harmony


Large scale and well organised
THROUGH e-Harmony
778 715 1958
778 715 6815
011 503 2135 1046
011 503 2113 1145


I was first contact by "Vincent Gagliardi" approximately March 7th on
We messaged back and forth through Eharmony, then I gave him my unlisted landline. He called and we talked several times.

He built my trust. We then exchanged cell numbers. He texted every morning and called each evening. We chatted about our lives, past marriages, children, work.

He lived only 4 hours from me and was using a local cell number, so I didn't think at that point anything was amiss. We conversed for 2 and 1/2 months.

All the while he was getting me emotionally invested and getting me to trust his, his compliments, his caring, his sharing similar interests.

At the end of March he went to a work office in Lethbridge, AB due to COVID, to cover for other employees who had to stay home and self-isolate from travelling. He was a Materials & Supply project Manager and worked as a consultant for Tetra Tech, a global company (I looked it up on internet, they do have offices in Kelowna and Lethbridge,AB.).

He was going to come and visit for my birthday, May 16th. Earlier in the week prior, he said he had been contacted by a colleague from Acession Corp about a project they wanted him to go on for a week.
At first he did not tell me where the project was, then a couple of days before he left, he said it was a hospital in southern Panama. He went on a private crew jet, which I didn't question as the commercial flights were stopped.
He texted me from Calgary as he left. he tried to text me with an int'l number the next day, but I don't have data on my cell. On Tuesday he sent an email and call that night. I have included the email. And the call he was very distraught.

He had me emotional hooked, believing the story.
He had a fake URL with a bank account and two years of transactions. He had me try and do a transfer from Canada but of course it would not go through.

Very good, very believable. I feel he is a predator, he preyed on my vulnerabilities ,loneliness and Faith (he professed to be devout Catholic. He was Italian American with a strong accent. (Unless it was fake by a machine). I wired the money, on May 15th, the day before my birthday. Of course it was not enough for the "Asian Lady" to give him back his passport, so I tried to send more which was stopped by the CIBC Fraud Centre, Thank God!

He called me and had her on the phone, telling me what good people she and her husband were and how they were in jeopardy with the customs officials, he was crying in her office, on and on. He called me up until May 20th. I had been speaking with the RCMP by that time, and CIBC Fraud Centre. When I told him I had been advised it is illegal for anyone in the world to hold a passport as collateral and that he should go to the US Embassy and get an emergency passport and report this woman to the Panamanian authorities and get a file number......the calls and emails stopped.

I know I will never see the money or be partially reimbursed by any company involved but I SENT the money.

I just want other women to be aware of this scam and perpetrators. They knew a lot about BC and Alberta.

They used local numbers, company names, waste management projects, water and sewer project in the 2 Provinces and it all seemed plausible and real...but it wasn't....all fake. He said he was from Alpine NJ.

Worked for Tetra Tech in US and the company offered him a move and sponsorship to Canada after his wife of 35 years died 5 years ago from pancreatic cancer. She had been a licensed practical nurse. his son Antonio had moved to New Zealand 8 years ago with his wife and 2 children as her family were from there.

He has a 93 year old mother in care in Alpine, NJ. He was born in Italy and immigrated to New York in his early 20s,met his wife, had one son, his mother moved to New York after his father died in Italy. Very well thought out life. Played me. I think they created everything about the job and work as it went along, they had done their homework.
👿You are not talking to the person here.. you are talking to a criminal on a laptop

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  1. I recently learned "slept off" is a common phrase in Nigeria which means "fell asleep" went "to bed". So if anyone is speaking with you or messaging with you. If they use this term, they are most likely a Nigerian based scammer.