Friday 19 June 2020


Hope to receive your positive reply.
How was your day together with your health? Please I'm so sorry for late reply, i was actually attending to casualties. Notwithstanding, I'm looking for a serious relationship and a business partner, one who is serious, honest, trustworthy and reliable, thereafter my aims are achieved. I believe we could go far in life if you accept to be my business partner in your country or if you assist me in this deal.
I'm a Medical Doctor and I'm currently working with Doctors without Borders here in Libya. I have made up my mind to relinquish the Job and relocate for the sake of my life, i guess working here is no longer safe for me. Rebels has killed good number of my colleagues on daily bases and there is also casualties everywhere. During one of our rescue Mission we came across a safe box containing huge amount of money that belongs to the supporters of overthrow government of Libya and terrorist group, which we believe it was money meant for buying Highly Prohibited Weapons, Firearms and Missiles. As you may know, we can not return this money back because the system of government here is corrupted, and all the Doctors on that rescue mission came to agreement that the money be shared among us which we did.
My share of the money is $875,000,00 US Dollars (Eight Hundred and Seventy Five Thousand United States Dollars) , I'm seeking your assistance to receive my share of the money from (Senegal UBA Bank) to your own country. I want you to assure me that you will keep the money safe till i come over to your country to meet you and start investing the money in a good business there in your country.
It's clear to me that you might be scared of this proposal, but i want to let you know that i have made solid arrangements with a Lawyer in Senegal to assist me in transferring the money to any country or destination of my choice. Right now the money has been transferred into UBA BANK De Senegal from Libya for security purpose.The bank told me that they have already processed the money into ATM VISA CARD so that there will be no risk on the process of evacuation.
I have decided to compensate you with 40% out of the total money immediately after the ATM VISA CARD gets you, while the rest of the balance will be my investment capital in your country. Please i don't want you to discuss this matter to a third party, if you don't want to be party to this business please delete.
I want you to keep this information as top secret from any person in order not to jeopardize my position here. I chose to contact you after my prayers and i believe that you will not betray my trust nor thwart my dream, i know you might be wondering why i am revealing myself to you without formal introduction, well, i will say that my mind convinced me that you are the true person to help me in receiving this fund.
Note; I do not know how long I've got to stay here, It's due to the survival of two bomb attack in our health center which prompted me to search for a reliable and trust worthy person to help me receive my fund. As soon as you receive my fund i will come to your country for my Investment Project and also to start a new life.
I hope my explanation is very clear but if you need more clarification just let me know and i will explain further. I want to let you know that here in the Doctors without Borders Base we are not allowed to make use of mobile phone for security reasons, we only make use of radio message and email communication so please let us continue communicating through email for the mean time. Attached below is my pictures. While waiting to receive your positive reply.
Dr.Betty Wilson.

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