Thursday, 2 May 2019

Waring ~ One Minute Warnings of Ones To Watch

Waring ~
One Minute Warnings
Ones To Watch
If you have been contacted by these pictures you have not been talking
to the man in them. You have been talking to the scammers that
have stolen them.


  1. I'm pretty sure that I know who this is.

    1. I know the man in the pictures is.. the scammers using him ! who knows?

    2. Can you tell me who this guy is?

    3. Can anyone tell me who this guy is? I would like to tell him what this person who is scamming him is doing. The person that is doing this is very close to him and I would like to message him. I have info as to who it is. But I want to be the one to message him about it. I don't care if he responds just so I can let him know. Thank you Beth Webb

    4. The last name is WARING.. that is his real name.

    5. He knows he is been used and we do ask to respect what little privacy they should have please.
      The scammer is making up all spare information and really, anything else will have been gleaned from his IG page.. but most will be fake and made up.