Thursday 16 May 2019

Chris Howard and James Howard .. OK CUPID DATING FAKE ACCOUNTS

Chris Howard and James Howard
(see below)

heir emails are:,, 
Their phones 
+1 204 400 3803 
This cell phone belongs to the company or carrier Iristel Inc. 
Country: Canada State 
Province: Manitoba 
Type of use: Landline 
+6 016 672 2947 
This cell phone belongs to the company or carrier DiGi 
Country: Malaysia State 
Type of use: Fixed line
of course cancer. 
She finally dies. 

First of all, I want to say thank you for being open and honest with me. Good communicative and honesty are key in having a healthy relationship. I could add a few more like...integrity, loyalty and unconditional acceptance and love. Ok enough of the deep stuff lol! It's not easy sticking your neck out to say hi to a stranger and putting yourself out there a little but am glad you did. I'm ready for us to start our own adventure.
How has your experience with online dating scene been so far? Sometimes its bad for men who are my age...lots of 23 years old wanting an 'experience'. Sigh. While the candy can be tasty, it does not make a meal. I am looking for a woman who is interested in a relationship, matured and wiliness to share open and honest communication. I believe in lots of affection, and always being willing to compromise with each other.
Just a quick message, will look forward to telling you more about myself and vice versa.
Have a wonderful night,
2nd Message
Hi (name victim)
Thank you for be so kind and trusting to communicate with me. I would love to think that time will give us good grounding to develop a wonderful friendship as the can be the beginning of many wonderful things. The number one advantage to online dating is that every member is looking for the same thing– a relationship with someone they are compatible with. You can’t get that from the local super market, night club or any other public location where you would typically visit in hopes of meeting someone.
Face-to-face meeting maybe quicker than texting/emailing. But saying that, I also believe that there is much, much more than instant chemistry. After exchanging some emails, we could talk on the phone and take it from there. It's better to meet and discover the old fashion way whether the chemistry is right!
About My Background:
I have unusual parentage, dad's Bumiputra (a small minority from East Malaysia), while mom's Canadian. I don't have anything else to fall back on though I was born in Canada, but grown up in Malaysia after my dad passed away. So I guess I have that wonderful lifestyle and climate to brag about. I am the shy type usually when meeting someone for the first time. I like all manner of things from the day to day chores including gardening, eating out/in, picnics, theater, museums, arts, country walks, holidays anything really. I'd like to see if we do suit each other desires in life, and find out if we were meant to be. My favorite saying is " I don't just want someone I can live with, but ultimately someone I can't live without" Like two pieces of clay that mold together to make the perfect sphere, does that make sense?
I was a bit of a romantic lol! Anyway (Name Victim), I am out of things to say, so I hope to hear from you soon. Dream of an angel that is a blur right now but will eventually become clearer and more meaningful to you in time. If you have any question, please feel free to ask".
Have an awesome day,
3rd message
My Dear (name victima)
Thank-you once again for an interesting email. Communicating is never am issue with me, though it's difficult to go online nowadays for a chat due to the nature of my job. I think you're such a wonderful lady, and I'll like to know you better. I believe two friends can share every everything good or bad, take the positive from each situation, and make a friendship or relationship stronger. I also believe that when two people that have the same Goals & Values come together and decide to walk this path of life as Best Friends that we Inspire, Guide and Teach each other, growing together.
For me to be open is just a part of who I am now and I've learned if I really want to have that perfect partner for me to come into my life, if I'm not open then how will we know if we are meant to be? So, communication is very important in a relationship to be able to express oneself is a sort of freedom that should be embraced. I am not afraid to let my partner know how I am feeling or what my wants/desires are. I also am open to their thoughts and ideas and willing to work together to please both sides of the coin. I'd like to know all about the woman, who is sitting at her computer, taking time out to talk to me and share personal stories with me. I guess with time we get to know more about each other.
I have some questions for you and I definitely hope you won’t get mad at me? I do hope I haven't rambled on but just wanted to give you a little insight as to the sort of the kind of man I am.
Tell me how do you deal with frustration?
What are your ways of dealing with anger?
Is jealousy an emotion that comes easily to you?
Do you wish you were less or more emotional? Why?
What things make you extremely happy?
If you were to celebrate a huge success what would you do?
I hope that this gives you a bit more insight into the guy that is on the other side of this electronic type of communication. I have so much more that I can share with you about myself. But I don't want to overload you all at once. I believe in taking the time to get to know someone, especially if you are looking for a serious relationship (which I am). I hope that you feel the same way (name victim), and that you too will tell me more about what makes you and the strengths you feel would mean something to me...
Take care of your self &
have a blessed day,
4th Message:
My Dear (Name Victim)
Thank you once again for the beautiful emails; I really look forward to opening my mail and seeing your name there. I feel that at my age now I am mature enough to show how I feel towards people and hope they are happy with the person I am. It has become a healthy habit to expect good emails from you. I kept telling myself I shouldn't be this obsessive..LOL!
Anyway, I was inspired by your answers to the questions as they gave me an even better insight to the woman behind the name (IRENE)that I have been corresponding with. To me you seem like a genuine dream come true and someone with whom I would definitely mesh with in almost every way that is important. That has been a rare occurrence for me as most women do not have the same ideals, dreams, goals, desires, and personal tastes such as mine. I guess we were both made from "different molds" but have maybe found our matches finally! I know that I am unlike most men in that I have old fashioned values when it comes to relationships. I adore your writing. would you be inclined to talk sometime? But I must let you know that I am a bit shy and also have an accent, though I am thinking of getting into accent reduction class soon LOL...I always thought that voice, tone, and laughs add a lot on getting to know someone! Sometimes I do come across some set of people who are very “clicky”, so it is hard to break into the social circles, especially if you are single. I am looking for love, it might not be long and hard road, but I think in the end of the day it will be worth it!
Questions/ answers:
So tell me how do you deal with frustration? I'm not the type to stay over things long. I prefer to voice my frustration; although I may wait a day to do so depending on how frustrated I am. I value peace in my life and I try to remove those things that don't bring peace to me. I just love when morning gets here, cuz i can send a Great Big Good Morning message to my friend. what a lovely way to start my day!
What are your ways of dealing with anger? I don't think I have to curse someone out to make my point (although I did this when I was much younger and didn't have the coping skills I have now) and I definitely don't believe in acting out violently (I don't support hitting regardless of which gender) I have been told I can give a silent look that has the same effect as being screamed at or cussed out. I'm definitely not a wallflower. Also I am very good at not losing control when I face a tough situation. I stay calm and try to resolve conflicts peacefully.
Is jealousy an emotion that comes easily to you? I can honestly say that I've rarely experienced that emotion. If anything, my people accuse me of being too nonchalant about things that should make me jealous. I also believe you can have friends of the opposite sex and it can be just that. Jealously is an emotion that generally turns me off. Jealousy is just a reflection of lack of trust. Trust is earned by our actions. If a relationship is based on principles such as honesty, respect and love, there is no reason to feel jealous. I believe in trust. When you trust your partner, you shouldn't be jealous because you believe your partner would be keeping that trust and in her heart, it is only you. That is why honesty is very important.
Do you wish you were less or more emotional? Why? I'm probably most emotional when it comes to my Mother. I'm very protective of her. I am happy with my current stage of stability. I was not born this way. But I trained myself many years to be this way. I saw the negative things of people around me and I learned from them. I trained myself not to be like them. I don't want to be more or less emotional. Emotion comes naturally to each of us. For me, I don't want to be less emotional because I don't get upset much. If less that would mean I would not have feeling or ability to think anymore. Getting angry eats up lots of energy. I don't think I want to spend my energy in that kind of way. I do not have poker face. People can see my emotion from my face. I like it that way and I don't want to change. I like my life to be simple.
What things make you extremely happy? Little gestures and thoughtfulness make me happy. A peck on the cheek and lips out of no reason make me happy. Small gives make me happy. A friend unexpected phone call makes me happy. Seeing the tulips on my balcony blooming makes me happy. DIY my place makes me very happy. Weekends and holidays make me extremely happy 
If you were to celebrate a huge success what would you do? I would go out for a good dining with my partner, my family, or my best friends. I would also buy something special for myself as a memory to remind me of my success in years to come.
Below are some questions for you So Let’s see:
Do You Like to Surprises people a lot?
Do You Like Quiet Places, Or Loud Places?
Do You like Kissing If so what's your Favorite Way to Kiss?
Do you enjoy being around kids?
What do you think the role of a mother is?
What do you think the role of a father is?
Well.....I hope I have answered my questions in a way that you enjoy reading, cuz, in essence, this is part of who I am! ouch...blisters on my fingertips..LOL! Hope you are smiling as you read this in knowing me a little better! Send me your Pictures on your next email,
Have a nice day,

👍ALWAYS GOOGLE IMAGES. Or you can use TINEYE. There are other free apps you can get for mobiles..TRY REVERSEE! if on computer use YANDEX.

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