Monday 5 June 2017



  • Works at Bristol and Bath Building Concepts
  • Studied Engineering at University of Bristol
  • Lives in Bristol, United Kingdom
  • From Bristol, United Kingdom

HE IS DIVORCED, SAYS HE IS IN SYRIA !!! AS AN ENGINEER.... Pushes for you to accept his friend request and not just talk on Messenger

''I saw your profile and i got attracted By your photo i decided to invite you to be my friend.''
Asked about Bristol..

'Bristol is fine , but I'm out of the city for the main time .'' ... SO HE ISN'T ENGLISH !

''Well I will like to tell you more about myself now.I work as a civil engineer,I am working under the united nations and currently in Syria.And I am into Import and Exporting of building materials also.''

He works from a script because when I asked him a question he said 'one step at a time please'....

BRISTOL.. Different.. but it is still using the stolen images of ALEXEY LUSHNIKOV .. RUSSIAN ARTIST AND PRESENTER AND MUCH USED BY SCAMMERS.. see more here

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