Friday 30 June 2017



Dear This is to inform you that your funds are at the verge of been diverted to an account in Dubai, we were told that you issued them the Power of Attorney, before you passed away. Our writing to you is to inquire if you are alive or dead, so that we can let go the funds because your name was detail as the beneficiary to the funds. The fund has been in our custody for long time now but we have been watching to see how we can contact you on telephone but since we could not reach you, we decided to send you this final email. In accordance with the central clearing authorities, regulations of international fund clearance/remittance in the United Arab Emirates (Offshore Services),

we have been mandated to immediately process the completion of the payment of funds presently domiciled in our organization reserve account in here in the United Arab Emirates. Further to the above, a Trans global Business Account has to be opened in your names with one of the leading United Arab Emirates bank, where your fund is presently domiciled. As an international offshore banking service, we are able through a Trans global Account, to provide a guaranteed and insured international fund clearance process via their automated EXCO CLEARING HOUSE which is one of the few authorized financial institutions offering such services in the United Arab Emirates. 

This is necessary as the amount of your funds in question is larger than...
the limit mandated for regular commercial banking services. You are thus advised to immediately provide the following below to ensure you are the original beneficiary to the funds in other for us to forward it to the paying bank, with which you can be contacted by the paying bank. 1) Any proof of ID carrying your full names. 2) Your full mailing address (Which we have here in file) 3) Your direct telephone number The above requested items should be scanned and sent to us either via mail correspondence so that we can forward it to the paying bank. This requirement is for your file verification purposes and highly needed to proceed. We advice that you from today hence forth, STOP all .... 
further communication with whoever you have been dealing with either person or persons. Subsequently, you are to forward to this office the following details below. 1. All details of payment that has been made by you and if possible all receipts of payments Please note that we need your full discrete cooperation to enable us finalize your fund transfer/claim. We look forward to your quick response. you can contact us on our email address

your sincerely 

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