Saturday, 24 June 2017


  • Lives in San Diego, California
  • Widowed
  • From Dayton, Ohio

ANOTHER FAKE OIL RIG ENGINEER. HE WILL SEND A PICTURE OF HIM ON HIS OIL RIG NEXT TO HIS BUNK. This is from an online album from 2003. (Not the same man as the other pictures sent).

He says he is from Ohio but he was brought up in Sweden.

He will come and see you after his 'paid check'.
USING THE STOLEN PICTURES OF CANADIAN BUSINESSMAN GREG PHILLIPS. A man much used in scams and was never on an oil rig.

We have had him as many names.. he has been knows has James Rodham,
Alex Wilson..
. and lots of others.

YOU ARE NOT TALKING TO THE MAN IN THE PICTURES.. These have been stolen and he is innocent of all of this. He is a victim.

ALWAYS GOOGLE IMAGES. Or you can use TINEYE. There are other apps you can get for mobiles.. Free Apps. This can be your best friend. It can be the difference between being scammed and not.

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