Sunday, 10 November 2019

The 'Art' (or not! ) of the Photoshopper

The 'Art' (or not! ) of the Photoshopper


  1. I have a friend thats talking and sending money to the "gymrat" guy in the black muscle shirt with red logo, holding the fake sign, "i love you so much" sign. Does anyone know who this guy really is?! I know the scumbag is some guy down in Nigeria, but thats all. Ive yandex his instgram photos, twitter, pof, and other ones that i find. Surprise! Each new photo leads to another account! This is a sophisticated scammer for sure!

    1. Yes but there is enough evidence around about Military Romance scams and especially bad photoshops as being scammers that the identity of the man is immaterial.
      He is a victim of identity theft only.

      Anyone that contacts you and claims military is fake.
      They are never allowed to tell you where they are deployed.
      They are not allowed to do it, they do not do it.
      ALL are criminals, thieves from West Africa using stolen pictures of MIlitary Personnel.