Sunday, 10 February 2019

One Minute Warnings of Ones to Watch ~ Béla Polocsányi

One Minute
of Ones to 
Béla Polocsányi

 If you have been contacted

 by these pictures 
you are not talking to
 the man in them. 
You are talking to the
 scammers that have
 stolen them.


  1. One user is "David Wilson" on Facebook using several of these pictures

  2. That is too common a name for me to find but if you can help with the web address/URl. the link, we can report and we can get removed.

    1. I was contacted through Facebook. His user name was Hawkins Anderson . Said was from California with a teenage daughter . Talked for a couple days. Then his Facebook . was gone. Talked about it to him and he said didn't know why but didn't need . When speaking to him I knew he was fake by his accent. Check out Facebook . There is another account with same name and pictures I've seen here

    2. Usually it is because they have been reported as fake and been removed.
      I think this may have been who you were speaking to !
      and this looks like fake too. We will report
      Very pleased you searched and found

  3. whats the name of this man

  4. How do you know that is the real name of this man? I saw an Instagram page using the name "Heike Dopp".
    I was contacted 10 days ago on Facebook by a group using this man's photos, including some of a little girl and boy, which is really low. The pix of the kids have been removed now. But this person's photos are continually being added to, on a daily basis. Also, extra accounts under the same name and similar descriptions are opened and closed every couple of days.
    The story I got was that he was NORWEGIAN, a widower with a little daughter at boarding school in England, works on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico as a consultant for British Petroleum.
    However one pic of him with the girl and boy was apparently a birthday, including a printed balloon. I put the balloon text into a translator, and it came up as "Happy Birthday" in HUNGARIAN.
    The name used for this FB page/s is MICHAEL MOLYOUR, or MICHAEL E. MOLYOUR. As of 2nd October, there are 3 separate FB accounts using this name and this man's photos.

    I strung this out as long as I could, chatting on gmail Hangouts, to find out what was going on.
    Eventually I confronted this scammer group with the facts that obviously more than one person was writing to me, and I brought up the subject of Nigerian internet scammers. He got extremely "offended" and demanded I apologise or he would never contact me again.
    I said, I would be really pleased to be proven wrong here so that I would have to give you the biggest apology. Why don't you phone me and we can talk about it. So he did phone me, with his NIGERIAN accent. HA! I WON!
    I have submitted two complaints about this to facebook, but no action has been taken. This Nigerian/ Islamic group has opened 2 new Facebook accounts using the same name, and more of this man's photos, since I complained.

    Does anyone know what the real man behind these photos, thinks of what is being done with his photos?

    He is a very famous businessman who has been used in scams for years.

    He knows. He has a FB page for his business but has taken off all his own pictures now.

    Playing with scammers doesn't work.. you are just helping them with chat practice.
    If you have fakes that you want help removing please send to me. We submit direct to Facebook for removals.


  7. He just friended me under the name David John, very obvious it is a scam, may play with it and see how far I he will go. A coworker got scammed out of $20k by one of these jerks.

    1. and just remember seeing how far he will go is giving him some chatting practice so if you must talk to them.. be really stupid and say things all wrong. They learn from every chat.. a scammer never gets nothing. Do you know how to do links? It's such a common name but if I have the link I can report and remove it. Thank you

  8. using the name Shera Roya (Donald shefrod) on facebook

    1. Thank you very much, this will be reported and removed today !

  9. Using the name Wealthy James on Facebook. I'm currently scamming him back and publishing all our conversations online 😂. The man I'm talking to is a complete idiot.

    1. Scamming him back.. publishing all online... really
      and what is the point of that. ??
      A few things here... have some respect for the man whose pictures are being sent out by a Nigerian.
      So you are chatting to him.. he is the idiot... Mmmm... there are two sides to that.

      Giving him good scamming practice and encouragement.. so thanks for nothing there.

      Publishing all online.. so glad you think it's a game. Come talk to some of our victims who say they were good because they knew what to say... how do you think they get good.. practice and tuition from people like you.

      Complete idiot... really.. which one ?


  11. Now he is Sam KE