Thursday, 28 February 2019

HAMMOND ~ One Minute Warnings Of Ones To Watch

HAMMOND ~ One Minute Warnings
Of Ones To Watch


If you have been contacted by these pictures you are not talking to the man in them. You are talking to the scammers that have stolen them.


  1. I have blocked this man many times but he keeps trying to find away to get to my phone I can't change my.number to certain places call me .

    1. Scammers will keep testing your attention, they are like dogs with a bone, they keep coming back to it. Any attention they see as being able to pick you up and get to you. If you do not know the number, don't answer.
      If you do and it's them, don't talk just end the call. Don't ask them not to call, swear at them or anything at all. Become dead to them.. if all else fails a very loud whistle down the phone works !