Friday 28 December 2018

WOLFGANG BINDER - Popular faces used by scammers.

WOLFGANG BINDER - Popular faces used by scammers.

WOLFGANG BINDER ~ One Minute Warnings Of Ones To Watch
If you are contacted by these pictures. You are not talking to the man in them,but to the scammer that has stolen them.


  1. Hey, do you have any new information on the scammers using Binder's images? Some guy made an account on VK by the name of Jesus Donald using Binder's images, and the account was banned a day or two after. They tried adding me and I did not accept their friend request, nor did I talk to them. I knew they were a scammer because the account was suspicious.

    1. Impossible to have any information on individual scammers there are hundreds. His pictures are out there and anyone can, at any time, take them and use them. Never accept a stranger, if no one ever does, then scamming would get less. I am glad it went.

  2. Believe someone setup Facebook account with image of Binder,using some of photos.After I friended this person thinking might know them from Charleston SC,eventually asked for cards/ money. Did not send. Everything started to seem suspicious,so Google searched some of images on page and found they belonged to Wolfgang Binder