Sunday 30 September 2018



Dear XXX
I am Christopher A. Wray, the newly sworn in Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). We write to inform you that through the help of our ITU (Internet monitoring Unit) We have reasons to believe that you are part of the victim to internet scam after verification was made today, and after Mr. Jeff Wesley Kelvin FBI agent made a report in our office regarding how you have been scammed with thousands of dollars.
According to our evidence on our data base from ITU (Internet Monitoring Unit), we have found out you were scammed, so we do advise you to stop dealing with the scammers (James Williams and co scammers) because they are internet impostors from Africa hunting for people to get money from.
After a due research on internet, we have been able to find out that (The man that claimed American) is scammer and have connection with the other people that you sent money to in Ghana.
Our department has been initiated to compensate foreigners who has fallen victim to internet Scam.These criminals often deceive their victims by claiming to be in London Uk, Cote d'Ivoire, Thailand, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Afghanistan for military work and China or different parts of the world meanwhile they are pulling their scam in other country.The federal government of the US has initiated this our Unit with CID to help redeem and compensate those who have fallen victim of internet scam.
America's image has suffered great damage on the foreign scene due to the wrong and negative messages that this fraudsters send through their victims to the world. We listed out few persons that we suspected to be involved in this scam activities and still seeking the rest who are connected to this internet fraud which (CID) Criminal Investigation Department to get them arrested as the CID has began their investigation and in search of them. If they contact you we advise that you kindly email us directly in order to help our investigation and our quest to apprehend them.
We have been commissioned to refund all funds collected from any scam victim after due process of verification has been completed.
Please kindly respond to this email urgently so that we will give you further details on your fee refund.
On the contrary, if you are not the right recipient to this email you simply ignore this message.That is;if you are not a scam victim you kindly ignore this email because we must surely verify but if you are we advise that you respond back to this email as the federal government allocated some funds for us to compensate all scam victims with.
If any of the scammers reaches you on phone or email, please do get back to us as we are going to use that help our investigation on this matter as the CID are currently in search of investigating now and will get them arrested.
We advise you to watch this video below on youtube and see how our Criminal Investigation Department (CID) did a good job last time
We will wait to read from you immediately to help us carry out this investigation and have your funds returned back to you after investigation has been made.
Thanks for your cooperation.
Christopher A. Wray
Director Federal Bureau of Investigation

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