Thursday, 9 August 2018

One Minute Warnings Of Ones To Watch.. George Cozma

One Minute Warnings Of
Ones To Watch.. George Cozma 

If these pictures have contacted you,

you are not talking to the man in them.

You are talking to scammers using them and

they WILL ask for money. DO not send.


  1. Yes! I got caught up in his Love letters and his undying love for me! Thank Goodness I was able to read the RED FLAGS! When he asked me for $45,000.00 to help him get out of Jail!! I went, “Woow!! And started investigating! Thank Goodness! Not that I would send him this kind of money! But Ladies beware he is a smooth talker! Writes Great Love Stories and Reels you in like a FISH !

    1. So glad you did ! WOW.. your scammer is ambitious ! no he copies great love stories off Google and sends them... scammers do .. this is no love this is greedy for money!

      ALWAYS know a stranger coming to you.. in love in a day and long romantic words ! SCAMMER `

    2. Who else was scammed by him?

    3. Where can I post The Latest Pictures ?

    4. you can send them to me on Thank you

      George has been used for many years... I know of him used for the last 9.. and many thousands have been scammed using them