Saturday, 25 August 2018

One Minute Warnings Of Ones to Watch ~ BRIAN ROMERO

One Minute Warnings  Of  Ones to Watch  ~ BRIAN ROMERO

If you are contacted by these

pictures you are not talking to

the person in them.

You are talking to a scammer that has stolen them.


  1. So I recently have been chatting with someone claiming to be this man, he uses the name Brandy Romero stating that he is an E5 Marine who is overseas in Africa to date. However, I've been skeptical since day one, when he used my number for some code. And then I asked him to send a pic of himself and the excuse of military protocol and security came into play. I always had this set feeling and thought in my mind that the person I have been talking to for the last 3 days is not the man in the pictures. What do next...?

    1. BLOCK.... the one you have been talking to is an African scammer and mybe hacker if he has already used your number. The US Army is not in West Africa and he is telling you that he is there and that is wher he wants money as he is an African scammer.
      Nobody that contacts and says they are Military are ever real.

      They don't do it, are not allowed to do it and could never tell someone they had never met where they are deployed.
      I am sure military protocol is much more conerned with a Marine contacting women he doesn't know than pictures... NOW BLOCK... more will try but don't even start anything with them

  2. Is going by Diego Martinez IG: @pullatrigga147