Saturday 31 December 2022

There are scams busy tonight using SANTIAGO CABRERA


There are scams busy
tonight using

These are SCAMS and NOT real


+1 413 489 1733

@linda_morris121 and @officialmayaastor


  1. I have a scammer, but I have not seen what his end-game is. I think he wants my passport/information. When I confronted him about him having asked FOR my passport, I met with unbelievable hostility. Accusations that I am a liar and had begun to smear his name. I do not believe for 2 seconds that it is the REAL Santiago Cabrera. Why would Santiago Cabrera behave like a small child, when you explain why you cannot give him your passport, then he writes (he never speaks or videos) that you misunderstood, he was asking ABOUT the existence of a passport, so you accept that. But, he starts flipping out anyhow.

    Just a warning, though. It runs like a typical romance scam. You start writing with him. The English is not terrific. There is always a space before the punctuation, where there is punctuation, and capitalization is rare, even at the beginning of a sentence or for UK, for example. Remember, the REAL Santiago Cabrera went to school in the UK for the bulk of his school career.

    He tells you he has fallen for you. You meeting him is pre-destined. Later, he claimed it was God's will. He calls you endearments; writes at the correct times for LA time zone, but thinks LA is 8 hours behind Stockholm. He showers you with attention; tells you he is literally thinking about you all the time. He sends music videos of love songs, uses lots of stickers, and tells you how much he loves you, after texting back-and-forth for less than one day - within 5 hours for me. It made me sick to read that. Someone you do not know is mentally-ill enough to think they are in-love with you immediately??

    I'm autistic, so I cannot jump-in blindly with a full-investment of feelings. The next move is to ask you to come to London to visit him; maybe it will be LA for those in the States.

    He changes WhatsApp numbers like clothing. The numbers seem to be registered to other people in various parts of the USA. He also has a fake passport, which he feels compelled to share with you, although you did not ask. He also shares less commonly seen pictures of Santiago Cabrera as if he just took one of himself just for you. Ahhh!! Use the Google function to research the pictures sent.

    I refused to go to London, but rather told him to come to me. He was quite irritated about that. There is some obsession, however, about me having a valid, international passport, which I do not need him to check for me.

    He's in the WhatsApp, but clearly texting with other people. Your arrows are doubled, but not blue. Basically, he tries to guilt-trip you by saying he cannot trust you not to go to the press with accusations about him. That should, I guess, keep you from objecting to anything.

    And in summary, I was told that I could not even discuss the relationship with my own children. I should sneak off to see him, but not let my children know where I am going. If I were younger, I would suspect a potential human-trafficking scam. I will up update, if I find-out what the end-game is. Right now, I'm being punished. No more "I love you" texts.

  2. AND YOU ARE NOT BLOCKING IT... Just can't tell you how ANGRY this makes me. ROMANCE FRAUD FOR IDENTITY THEFT AND ACTUAL THEFT AND THEY LOVE YOU THAT YOU WON'T BLOCK THEM. So sad and so good for scammers. VERY angry and honestly... can't understand the delight in playing. When he hacks your devices you may wish you'd stopped. He wants a current passport, a picture of it to go with all else you will have told him and identity theft. THAT affects you for life.