Thursday, 23 September 2021

2021 ~ The Wife Hunters.. Young African males hunting and contacting women to Marry to get out of Africa


It is the only way many can get a Visa to go live in the USA or UK or get to a European country. They pretend to want friendship, soon changes to money and the  'relationship' and a few do get to the stage of marriage. There have been real nightmares there. 

'Catching an old white' is a prize for a young African who can take a couple of years to get his own way.. once in the USA then they have the rest of their lives... they don't stay with their 'wife'... SHE IS JUST A TICKET OUT OF AFRICA. 

DO NOT BE FLATTERED AND THINK HE WANTS YOU... He is getting all he wants... cards, good, help in buying things they want, cash and then the ultimate. THE AMERICAN/BRITISH/ EUROPEAN WIFE.  

❌DO NOT BECOME A STATISTIC TO GET AN AFRICAN HIS VISA OUT... it will not end well for the 'wife' and family. 


Today's Loser
(sorry lover) is
Olawoyin Akeem

as you can see... he's
very romantic.
All of this in minutes!

Nigerian wanting an old wife
to get him a visa out

''Olawoyin Akeem(Lord Of Pamwine)

Google can tell you little about me but if you need details about me call +2348065755395''

Asogwa Maxwell
is today's Nigerian looking for
an old widow. 
21 and looking for an 
old woman 
as 'he needs help'! 

Alhaji Macanaki Oluwa Burnah(Bidemi Ewajoke)

is a 23 year old Nigerian

looking for an old woman !! 


Yomi Ogunmade
is a Nigerian scammer 
and old widow hunter 

The older the better for Yomi. 
He is also a Scammer.......  
Buying all type of gift cards at good rates iTunes amazon steam eBay google play card etc WhatsApp me 08166639526 
๐Ÿ’ณ๐Ÿ’ณ✅๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏlegit dm for fast cash out๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™

Abel Olamide is on 
Widow's pages hoping to 
catch an old woman! .... 
The older the better for this 
young  Nigerian 
Abel said this wasn't Copy and paste ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ are you, Hope u having a nice time despite the pandemic covid 19..With time everything is gonna be alright...sorry to infringe your privacy, just wanna be friend and maybe more.. I probably shouldn’t be doing this but I am now. I saw your profile and I liked that. I’m a little shy so I sent you a text instead. I’d really want to get to know you better. Please reply so I don’t die of embarrassment...Am Abel
He does not believe me when I say he is scamming as himself ! They are all looking for someone to send money and goods to them and then the ultimate prize. (they think) Marriage to a woman and a Visa out of Nigeria. DON'T BECOME ANOTHER STATISTIC OF NIGERIAN YOUTH. 

BUT LADIES HE IS... I didn't stay long enough to find out his age... maybe 25?? 

Looking for 'old whites' .. the older the better for this Nigerian. 


He calls himself
And he is contacting 
older women 
because he 
'wants to leave Nigeria
and come and live 
with you ! '

Jj AJ Idahosa
is a Nigerian. 
BUT... even with plenty of
money they need to find
an old widow to marry
to get out of Nigeria and 
love in another country 

Today's old woman hunter fool 


Ebohogbes Romeo


Refuses to leave you alone. 

On widow's pages looking for 

old widows. Scamming using 

his own pictures. 

He calls himself
Kelvin Obazee
or Kelvin Osas.
He is hunting older women
He is VERY persistent and refuses to go away unless you BLOCK.

Scamming using his own pictures... the usual..
You're beautiful... ๐Ÿ™„

Abubakar Sadiq

(Xcape de Unpridictable !)

is today's widow hunter

to marry to get out of Ghana, Africa.

He constantly uses racism to

make you talk to him. 

Also prepared copy and paste 

for his old white women he hunts. 

Caleb Ugochukwu +2348109240171 / +2349058419311calls older women and asking for money 

Starts off at $5000 then goes down to $500 also uses  08109240171

Acc name.ugochukwu Caleb .acc no.2134701406.u b a Bank account

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