Wednesday 2 November 2022

When the Scam turns out this bad and a Victim does not believe what she's told and what is clear about the scam. Jackson Norris was a scam using James Scott geras


A Florida woman was in a scam for a few years.
The man they used on her was James Scott Geras. To this day the victim will not believe it was not James as the scammer.
Even though it can be seen he was in his home state and carrying out his business and life every day she accuses.
Her scammers, because they had all her information and accounts used them. There was a lot of Covid fraud carried out by scammers with Romance Scam Victims during and after the Pandemic
''$95,000 in an account okay in One bank and put $85,000 into another bank so you don't have any idea what you're talking about and then that money was sent back to him and Bitcoin $9,000 a day''
Talking about and accusing James again
'' you just have no idea if you only knew what those two have done it would blow your mind''
''you just don't know and I am going to take him down if it's the last thing I do''
''I am telling you what I am going to do and he is afraid of what I'm going to do because he knows I can do it he absolutely knows it James is going down and I and you know what he went as far as sending me his passport I have is this man's passport don't you understand that I have his a fake medical license that he used he fraudulently fraudulently claim to be a doctor
With United Nations you have no idea
I have his passport
I have everything on this man and I kept it because I knew a time would come because I'm a true believer what goes around comes around well it's coming his way and it's taking him down''
'' I promise myself not only myself I promised my family he took thousands of dollars from my family and now he will repay every f****** penny I promise you that I don't have to prove anything what he's going to have to do is prove it they have my recordings they have everything thank God I knew the time would come to this man would pay''
'Absolutely absolutely and believe me it's not a middle eastern and it's not a African it is him okay ''
also accusing the UNITED NATIONS to be in on the scam
'do you not think the United Nations is involved in this believe me they are you cannot fraudulently claim to be something that you are not and this man did it for a straight year''
It was claimed he earned $12,000 a month and if fees were paid then they could be paid to her
''Yes his doctor bill paid that too that was another big scam he's going down so hard you have no idea'' .. FAKING JACKSON NORRIS IN HOSPITAL AND NEEDING MONEY FOR MEDICAL BILLS
There are many emails and receipts with the typical Nigerian scammer words of 'your fiance' and 'your husband'
Even doing as instructed and sending a message claiming to be in financial difficulty and to send his $12000 a month salary to her account.
Weirdly for a Contractor overseas... dozens of gift cards were asked for and sent. But no questions asked.
Many threats have been made to the real man used here. The victim will hear nothing of sense or truth and is seriously making threats.
Her message to James was very nasty and homophobic.
No matter how bad the scam was for you... Getting at the easy target of the man used will do you no good at all.
James Scott Geras does not deserve this.

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