Wednesday 16 November 2022

Peter Athan


Peter Athan
He is in Manila, Phillipines building a Shopping Centre, of course he tells you jhow many millions he is going to get paid 😂

And shows a badly done fake cheque with a large Salary 😂

Using the stolen pictures of CARLOS AMBROSSI

BUILDER / CONSTRUCTION ! Know they are always fake.




  1. The real person behind the scam is a person named moysin Khan I checked all this out I contacted carlos ambrossi on whats app himself but he wasn't interested bit I have also a fake passport pic, with carlos name on it under the name Peter atan and to put it bluntly carlos ambrossi is actually gay. This poor guy needs to wake up and listen to someone his life is going or is ruined unless he is part of the scam.

    1. His life won't be ruined why should it? He knows it happens and has no way of stopping it. He should not have to constantly get messages about it!

      We fight scammers so these men used can have a life! without constantly being contacted. But his life won't be ruined .... everyone knows it is not him.

      The African criminals should be called out and blamed.... yet they get away with it all.

      Let him live. Please.