Tuesday, 15 November 2022

Fusun Tumsava HUGE FRAUD AND CRIME HERE WITH Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud


Fusun Tumsava HUGE FRAUD AND CRIME HERE WITH Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud
I am writing to you with a language translator. I was looking for someone with the last name Kreuziger. so when i saw your facebook profile i decided to add you and write you this message to know how we can best help each other.
I am Mrs. Füsun Tümsavas, a bank clerk here in Istanbul, Turkey with ISBANKASI. I believe it is God's will for me to meet you now. I have an important business discussion to share with you that I believe you will be interested in as it relates to your surname/nationality and you are going to benefit from it.
One late Mr. Adrian K****iger, a citizen of your country who was doing gold business here in Istanbul, had a fixed deposit with my bank for 108 calendar months in 2007 of USD 9,500,000.00 (Nine Million Five Hundred United States Dollars) on the maturity date this deposit was last two years. Adrian K****ger was sadly among the casualties of the 2020 Covid19 pandemic deaths on April 30 in Ankara Province, Turkey.
My bank management doesn't know about his death yet, I knew because I was his accountant. He did not mention any next of kin/heirs when opening the account, he was not married and no next of kin was found. Last week my bank management had a meeting to verify bank accounts to note inactive and abandoned deposit accounts. I know this will happen so I was looking for a way to handle the situation because if my bank manager happens to find out about his death, the bank will redirect the funds for their senior managers to share. So I don't want that to happen. That's why when I saw your details I was happy.
Now I request your cooperation to introduce you as the next of kin / heir of the account as you have the same surname and same nationality as him and my bank head office will release the account to you through my help.
There is no risk involved; the transaction will be made under a legitimate arrangement that protects you from any violation of the law. It is better that we claim the money than allow the bank managers to take it away and divide it among themselves. I'm not a greedy person, so I suggest we split the funds, 50/50 for you and me. Let me know what you think and please keep this information confidential. I will give you more details as soon as I receive your urgent reply through my personal email address below.
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