Sunday 20 November 2022

Captain Thomas Vintor. Using Captain Thomas Lindegaard Madsen Many money demands

 Captain Thomas Vintor.

It all started on a community web site. He was an interesting chap. He said that he was the captain of a container vessel
Sounded legitimate.

It all started when he requested a $100 iPhone card. Because he was on a vessel out at sea with no shipping address he requested that I photograph the card and along with the receipt and uploaded them into an email message to be send to him.’

Three days later he claimed the vessel was pulling into port and he was downloading the information to unload the vessel but did not think he had enough time on the internet to finish the download, so he requested another $100 iPhone card so the download could finish and the information would not be lost.

SaMe deal. Send copy of the iPhone card along with the receipt.

At some point the following week he talked about an Uncle he had that was his last living relative. He had nobody else.

About a week later he said that 🚩 hackers had hacked his checking account and it was frozen and his Uncle needed to have his medications refilled and need $850 sent immediately. 🚩 He couldn’t do it from the shop because he had no access to his bank on the vessel out at sea. 🚩

The next week the Uncle died. He needed and requested $300 to “burn” him. 🚩

In a couple of weeks the captain stated that he needed my help. 🚩 He had a safe at a company called Safe Gold. He had gotten notice they were closing all foreign accounts so his safe needed to be picked up. The captain stayed the safe could be shipped, but the safe could not be shipped to the vessel out at sea.

The captain asked if it would be alright to use my address and have the safe shipped to my home. In order for Safe Gold to do that, the safe would need rob be changed over to my name. I agreed.

Then I received a text from Safe Gold 🚩they needed $3500 to ship the safe.

Then Safe Gold turned the safe over to Ocean Network to have a courier delivery the safe to my home in America. 🚩 A week later I received a text from Ocean Network that $8500 was needed for the courier to deliver the safe to my front door.

Then about a week later I received another email from the courier with Ocean Network, a man named Campbell. He stated he was negotiating with customs in the value of the sage and that he negotiated it down to a very low percentage.

Campbell, with Ocean Network, sent a text message the sage was tied up in customs and they were asking for 🚩🚩🚩🚩 $45,000.00 🚩🚩🚩🚩to clear the sage through the customs in Ireland.

I didn’t pay it. .

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