Wednesday 10 February 2021

SCAMMING USING THE NAME MICHAEL WILLIAMS and the stolen images of Aleksei Shaposhnikov Russian Politician,


~~~ Using the stolen images of Aleksei Shaposhnikov Russian Politician, Billionaire the head of the Moscow city Duma and easy to find.
The scammers are targeting older Asian women or Asian women in the United States Of course.. it does not matter the age... He is 'in love' with them baby ! Wants to be with them, honey and the rest you all know about. ~~ Now.. the next part is well.. not sense He is an engineer and building a railroad in the Philippines for 4 months (even sends a fake Plane Ticket to victims showing he is coming to them )

He talks about wanting you to live together and encourages the buying of a property together! Of course.. he is coming to you soon.
~~ PHILIPPINES HAS VERY STRICT COVID RULES.. NOBODY who is not resident there is going in, they are not allowed (and that includes work) .. Railroads ! are not being built, Philippines are having very strict lockdown and travel rules. 🤔NOT THE FIRST TIME SCAMMERS HAVE NOT TAKEN COVID-19 INTO CONSIDERATION. ~~ The scammer is asking for bank accounts.. (and asking them to be made for him) ... he is only supposedly in Philippines.. not Mars.. he can make his own and has access to money there. ~~ 💔 NEVER ACCEPT A FRIEND OR FOLLOW REQUEST FROM A STRANGER NEVER EVER GO TO A CHAT APP..AVOID HANGOUTS AND WHATSAPP 👎NEVER SEND ANYTHING TO ANYONE YOU HAVE NEVER MET IN PERSON. NEVER SEND ANYTHING TO ANYONE WHO CLAIMS MILITARY, OIL RIG OR CONTRACTOR OVERSEAS. IT WILL ALWAYS BE A SCAM 👿You are not talking to the person here.. you are talking to a criminal on a laptop 👍ALWAYS DO A REVERSE IMAGE SEARCH. THERE IS GOOGLE, TINEYE AND ON A COMPUTER, YANDEX IS BEST. .There are free APPS for phone

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