Wednesday 17 February 2021

Michelle Solange using the stolen pictures of Kim Jisook Castro, AFRICAN SCAMMERS.

 IN THE WORDS OF THE VICTIM and an interesting story..

Okay, I am a 21 years old college student that passed a reexamination on September 2nd last year, later, on September 10, I have been suddenly contacted by a beautiful woman.
She wrote there ,,Hi sweetie'', so it seemed somehow suspicious, because what kind a woman send me a message all of the sudden.
As I scrolled down I have seen profile pictures, but I asked if it's a real account and the person said yes.
And we started talking about everything and the person has started telling me about it's military career in Afghanistan and even sent some nice pictures.
After, I wanted to be polite and I have replied as a gentlemen and said it is nice for me to meet that person, like I fool I was at that time, I believe the scammer for real and told me to come to Hangouts app and asked for my email address.
Ok, I came over there and she said she is busy working in the office and had some missions that she said she is going to, so after, she kept on calling me ,sweetie, lovely friend''.
It hasn't been 3-5 days since we first started talking, so after she sent a picture of her working in the office and damn, she asked for an $200 iTunes card and I said I don't have money and I been outside and was so cold.
After I came back from the outside and got back Hangouts, she said I am some kind of hero and sees only me as a solution. Even if she said so, I been so upset cause I really believe it was a military personnel member, so I was thinking to get my savings from highschool, because I've studied very well.
I told my parents to go to the bank and put that money in my account, which they did. It was a Friday evening when I came back to Facebook and posted a picture of her saying ,,I love my job'', so I said how nice is to have a friend like you and I told her to keep on fighting.
She wished me a blessed day and I replied, then we started talking again. She asked me if I am thinking about marriage and that was surprising to me. I said what love means and my intentions about a possible marriage, where she replied ,,love is something of the heart, I think I started having a feelings for you lols, I was never going to say, but I guess you are the one for me''.
So, since then, she started to court me with sweet messages and said ,,I hope we could meet as time goes on'', sent a picture of her cooking and another sweet messages.
I have finished the conversation with ,,Precious Gold'', on Facebook and returned to Hangouts. Where I saw pictures from some kind of celebration, with her next to her commander and a bunch of flowers. She was saying she works as a peacekeeper soldier in Kabul, Afghanistan and no sign of base location.
A few days later, she asked for another iTunes cards, which I have bought and sent the code. I really believe her when she said there's an agent that brings money to buy and bring stuff over there.
Somewhere around October 10th, she said in the evening nude pictures of her and asked me to do same, which I did, because she said ,,I feel honey for you'' and said it wants to make love with me with and it would show me how romantic she is if I could be there.
Somewhere around October 27th, she asked money to buy a cream for her use, because she said it could have a skin disease and I sent $50 through WorldRemit app, my savings that family has given for me to eat, or two weeks.
Somewhere around November 16th, she said something about her parents heritage, somewhere around $300.000 that she said she wants to give it to me and told me to send a picture of my ID card, which I did, for account creation.
After this, she started too seduce me again and said another nude pictures and asked me too do the same, which I did. In the next day, I was contacted by someone she was pretending to be from Chase Bank asked me if I know ,,Michelle Solange'' and I said yes and then I have to pay for account activation $650.
When I said I don't have money she got upset and cursed me, saying I will be so, if something happens to her late parents money.
She said she could borrow from someone and I did something too, I sold my phone and called me crazy that the phone was priced at just $50, which I sent in the next day.
She has even asked me to borrow money from my parents and they refused, saying it's all fake.
By the end of the month, asked about my scholarship money, which I sent after she said she's angry, because I refuse to pay loan, as she asked me previously to also buy an iTunes card, she said she borrowed from the agent.
She told me not to worry, because I am rich, as time has flight. That so called bank-official told me in the morning that, me,her fiance, as she was pretending that she knows her agent and told about me that way.
It came about talking about a box that she wanted to send and gave details, I had to pay $250 for the clearance fee, 300 for the distribution and then, because of payment delaying I had to pay $150, but it was delayed again and I have paid in the next day.
She also borrowed $50 from her agent. After, she told me to pay for the Tag fee, which was 650 Euros, that were steadily paid and on January 26, she asked me to pay for the taxi fee $500, which I havent.
The payment for the tag fee was made that day and gave another address. Told me I cursed the whole thing because of that, due the fact that I was at home and not in the college campus.
Till now, she constantly write me to borrow money and make the payment. Patricia Teager.
Unfortunately, I am sadly saying that it was too late for me and I have fallen in the trap, I have lost more than a thousand dollars, hoping to pay for a money transfer to receive a box.
The real person is Kim Jisook Castro, and not Michelle Solange, as I just found out via Google Image search engine.
I've had some doubts from the very beginning, when that person approached me by saying ,,Hi sweetie'' and that it hoped to meet me soon. After that, there have passed just 3 or 4 days and asked me for money for iTunes cards.
Before searching for the pictures, I have been looking at all the comments on a page about romance scam and became more convinced that it's all fake love.
I've also copied pasted the messages sent by that person, I pasted them on Google and they were all copied - pasted. After that, I copied and pasted on Google even more messages, so it was more and more clear.
The sad fact is that I am a 21 years old college student and I couldn't focused well on my studies, but actually I could say that I haven't studied almost at all. As a result, I had to improvise some sort of tactics to pass them all, because otherwise, I could risk paying a college fee that me and my family would not be able to pay.
Honestly, I have sent my little scholarship money, my savings, I have sold family sold things and others.
I am truly speechless right now, but I thank God that, He is my witness, knows how hard for me was to pass with a score of 88,3%, that grants me no college fee payment and I can take care of my future.
This chapter has left me a bitter taste inside of me and a trauma that I want to forget. But still, I want to contact the real person and send emails to all JUSTICE courts over here. Trust me, I am not able to say anything else in this moment, I don't know what to do and I was never expecting to see such a shameful experience in my entire life. It was so hard to know the truth and I really had feelings.
Damn all scammers. I will report this case on this page official website here. Yeah, when I said I don't have any money, the person has became rude and cursed me.
Honestly, I just wanted someone to love, because I've never had a girlfriend, but I just need some compassion. I was on the brink of collapse, but thankfully, it's all over. I will not trust other people ever again. I will remember your piece of advice and move on, I will focus on my studies and if I will ever encounter a similar situation, I will block that person and report to this page.
All details are:
1) +228 90 15 32 76.
2) +228 91 38 54 89.
3) + 1 954 945 0561.
Onyechachi Chidi Pamet from Nigeria,
Osigwe Onyechachi Elija from Senegal and
Pamet Chidiebere Guybertrand from Togo

there is similar id in Kakaotalk...ID Tikitaka5 ...beaware of this fraud account...trying to scam me but, noway for me.....


  1. there is similar id in Kakaotalk...ID Tikitaka5 ...beaware of this fraud account...trying to scam me but, noway for me.....

    1. Thanks for the information and I love that we are getting so many more where the scammer FAILED ! I like that !

    2. There's another one. Instagram ID: garden_490 Name: Sandra Garden. They never stop...

    3. They don't stop but neither do we.. thanks for reporting I have closed that fake account!

  2. Mene je pokušala prevariti broj +1 (601) 227-3743 ovo je broj Castrol Misok

  3. How funny is this, I'm chatting with her right now. At this time, she is become a single mom and wants to invest in my city. I'm still waiting for her to ask for money.

  4. I also tell victim to fraud just like my friend Michelle Solange. She cheated on me financially and emotionally. She managed to make me love her to dream crazy about her and right now she has hurt my inner soul. do not get that andThere is nothing worse than playing with love and ending up with it all.

  5. I also tell victim to fraud just like my friend Michelle Solange. She cheated on me financially and emotionally. She managed to make me love her to dream crazy about her and right now she has hurt my inner soul. do not get that andThere is nothing worse than playing with love and ending up with it all.

    1. Your Michelle Solange will be an African male stealing money.
      ANYONE that comes to you and claims to be Military is never real.
      They do not do it. Real men do NOT go looking on social media to contact women.
      Every time someone says they are Military anywhere in the world , it is a scammer from
      West Africa with love words.
      They WILL ask for cards and/ or cash

      This is true every time.

  6. I had a message from this same girl..she going by the name Amilia C Belinha based in the US Army in Syria and she straight away gives all the messages of I love you can't live without you , hasn't ask for money yet as I knew straight out she was a catfish or scam but after doing a Google check on her picture I now read threads of messages how many people have been scammed by her... I going to report and block her on my messenger right now .. and gercstory is she is a orphan as her father in Italy was killed in duty and her mum is in Korea..just goes to show I was chatting to a scam artist in West Africa or South East Asia all along ..

    1. Thanks for the information and yes.. a scammer in West Africa most likely and a male! scamming as a female.

  7. This person also tried to deceive me, said she was serving a peacekeeping mission in Syria,that her mother died when she was 9 years old and her father was shot dead in Afganistan.Her name was Castro Kelly Jackson wrote that he was an orphan and had no one.I also fell head over heels in love with her,she controlled my feelings.Then she suddenly told me that the US military command had ordered them to complete some dangerous action before the end of the mission.She wrote that she needed to send someone her inheritance documents, luggage and a safe full of gold bars.She asked me for my address and contact information so he could send these things.When I sent her this information,she said she would send these things by courier, but the handling fee would have to be paid upon receipt by me.She said that if she ended this dangerous operation, she would come to the Czech Republic, sell her gold and marry me.She even called me my husband,at that moment, I thought of uploading her photo to a google photo viewer.I immediately understood that it was a scam and that it was not her,but it was too late, he has my contact details.She sent me a link to track the shipment she sent to my address,I checked it and it's all there and the delivery date is Friday, November 19, 2021 at 7:45 am.I just hope nothing comes, I'm very worried about that.When I wrote her that I would not take any shipment and that she was a fraud,she tried to tell me that her identity had been stolen and all the information on the internet was falsified.So now I'm waiting for what happens next,I would very much like to contact the real person Jisook Cindy Castro who is real but I did not find anything about her,to tell her about these things that happened to me.Please let me know if anyone knows about this woman's real person,Thank you

    1. Please do not. She gets hundreds of messages every day. She is married and lives in the US with her husband. She knows all about what is happening and can't do anything about it.
      She does not ned all the details, she can do nothing so please! respect her right to be left alone. Thanks for all the details

    2. There is no parcel either.. it does not exist but lots of demands for money from customs etc.. ALL FAKE

  8. So she added me on IG as kim Jenny castro, told me she's on a peace keeping mission in syria and she's an orphan. Asked me to apply for an emergency leave vacation for her. Also she told me to go on hangouts. Is this fake

    1. Completely 100% fake.
      Syria is a war not a peacekeeping mission (common scammer slip)
      She is happily married in the USA and is the most used female by scammers
      If she was real due to security reasons she could not tell you where she is.

      Hangouts is ued only by scammers and victims.

    2. Sadly I was a victim of that same account and lost a lot of money. Slowly recovering right now

  9. 05-05-202 she tall me same story she inastragram id name Olivia Castro. And she said she married me and take America .naw she stay ieaman. When I said to him we contract video chat she says she work at office.

    1. No video because you are talking to an African male! All of these are SCAMS

  10. Now this scammer is using different name, ID and account.
    He says "her" name is James Kim, Kim Jong Lira and even try to chat in Korean.

    I was interested in how they try to deceive people.
    All he was saying does not make sense at all and so sloppy.
    So, I got bored so soon and just told him get off.

    Just in case.

    IG: dovenazy
    kakao talk: kimjames18

    1. There is not 'one scammer one set of pictures'. Pictures are bought and sold and there are several hundreds of scammer teams just using Castro .. thank you very much for this information and I will get that IG account closed

  11. Yo estoy en contacto con ese perfil lo mismo me envio un mensaje diciendome hola cariño diciendome que queria casarse y tener hijos que se iba a retirar de su mision de la paz y que iba a venir por mi para escoger un lugar donde vivir se llama el perfil MAJIKIRA BABAN ABUBAKAR