Thursday, 6 February 2020

Vazquez One Minute Warnings Of Ones To Watch

One Minute Warnings
Ones To Watch

If you have been contacted by these pictures you
have not been contacted by the person in them but by
the scammers that have stolen them.
You will be asked for  cash/cards/goods.


  1. My"true love" just asked me for help him complete an oil brig job where the equipment burned in a fire.He is good too. He romanced me in English and Spanish.He goes under the name Jim Thomas and I met him on words with friends.I was not aware until I started researching the scams the Nigerian scammers use this as another "hunting ground"Who knew.
    Women Beware!!! He had the lineup and then the pitch.It took about a month for the moneyto be mentioned.I was beginning to think he was real because he did call on a cell number
    that could be traced back to Ohio.He was disappointed that I did not trust him. I don't

    1. Those numbers.. look up Google Voice and it explains how he has an Ohio number !
      WWF is infested.. but it is WWFriends and not WW strangers ! so be very careful !

      But I am so glad you researched and found, this is what we need all women to do !
      Thank you and be careful... WWF, Scrabble, even the Fitbit App.. ALL flooded with scammers.

  2. This "girl" made contact, and seemed unreal until the phone pocket call came by mistake and it was from INDIA with loads of non american voices in the background. Scammer made a mistake, so lucky for me. Asked for money to becuase her internet was crap. Asked for $300 -$500 so I checked, it costs $99... The only thing is, I really like this girls pictures, how do I get a real date :-)

    1. Her husband wouldn't like it ! :) thanks for the information !