Monday 24 February 2020

Davis Maya 419 advance fee fraud

De: Davis Maya
Date: lun., 24 feb. 2020 a las 20:31

Thank you once more for your sweet and awesome response you have been giving to me. i know our friendship has not been long but i do not have a choice than to trust you. the crisis, war and troubles happening here is getting unbearable. Even the suburbs close to the Refugee Security Camp here is under bombardment by anti and pro-Assad regime soldiers, despite the presence of the UN peace keeping, no place in Syria is safe anymore.

My late father left the sum of $850,000 at Turkish Airline Security Store Building. Before his death, he was a military man and my mother was an industrialist she is into a lucrative oil business.this is the money the Syrian government paid my late father and the money my late mother saved for her entire life.. When he considered Syria unsafe for us because he was against the Assad bloodshed of innocent and defenseless citizens, he quickly sold all his properties here in Syria and decided that we relocate to Turkey for safe living so that we could have a more safer place to relax.

Since there is no working bank here he can transfer the money into. What he did was to gather all the money in a box, registered the box confidential and sent it through an International Parcel Delivery Service to Turkey and hoping that the box will arrive and wait till his arrival to claim the box.

Now I have written severally to the officials in Turkey, involved in the shipment for the return of the box to Syria, but it was not accepted, because Syria is a war country, parcels are not allowed to be sent to Syria, if it must be sent, it must be searched thoroughly before sending to see the actual content of the box.

I was then advised by one of the agents that unless I can accept to send to any other countries apart from war countries like Syria, Lebanon etc.

This is my reason of contacting you and asking for your private email. Since your country is my target of staying and establishing myself, I cannot go to Turkey because I have no resources and no interest to stay there. My concern now is to move this money from Turkey to your country first, no one in Turkey knows the content of the box, it was registered as a confidential family valuables.

My problem is that I need to present someone from your country who will accept to receive the box and protect it, as soon as the box gets to your home, you will open the box, pick some money from the box and take care of my visa to Turkey first. Then from there i can arrange for a visa so i can move to your country, I have no resources to get immediate visa to your country, because I lost my family and all the money I have with me here has all finished, I would have taken all these to myself before now.

I need a reliable and trust worthy individual like you who will secretly receive my box in your country and protect it till my arrival in your country. I have to take this chance because I have no other alternative than to trust someone like you. Am an orphan with no brother or sister, I lost contact with my friends, all I have is my money and my life., I deserves a decent life, I want to live in a peaceful environment. So I cannot risk my life here to avoid an end to my family lineage.

All I ask you is to permit me to register the box in your name as a confidential family valuable, You are only expected to present yourself as the receiver of the box from your country. There is no risk in this, the box has a password lock system, nobody will open it unless you know the code.

So, if you are willing to help me fast to achieve that I can come out from Syria alive, I would need this information from you immediately so that I can immediately forward your information to the agents in charge of shipment.

Full name,
Full address,
Direct phone number,
Occupation and
Scanned copy of any valid ID card

This information will enable me to prepare the change of ownership certificate to your name and also present you before the Turkish Courier Service agents as the beneficiary to receive the box legally. Please let this and the information contained be treated secret and confidential. Please let's maintain a steady communication through this email until i go out from Syria. I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Thank you my dear.

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