Tuesday 21 January 2020

Yet another FAKE using Jonathan MARSH

MILITARY VACATION AUTHORITY Dupont Military Crescent 82 Washington, DC 20301-1400 ... Phone: +12132954182 Fax: + 301 210 1291 Email: MillitaryvacationAuthorities@outlook.com REF: ACPB / ACC / 03694 DATE: 20/01/2020 Good day Mrs. K**, Hello MS *** i complement of the day to you and we hope this meets you in good health? Madam, we got your email and the content of your email is well understood, the Military Authority have looked at your request, as required. After going through the military holiday class of Sergeant Paul Marsh, we discovered that you are not related to him and therefore we must have a security clearance background check run on you to ensure that you have no affiliation or linked terrorists or extreme groups, Sergeant Paul Marsh, plays an important role also plays an important position in Yemen. Without saying that you should know that he is responsible for monitoring and ensuring all the attacks '' SEIZED and CURB '' and to send three government military reports ...: U.S. Government, NATO and the UNITED NATION or Sergeant Paul Marsh, role and personality is urgent and important to this extent, by the National Security Agency NSA. The military authority has no choice than to place your application into consideration, in this case, will examine the military authorities and grant your request on the basis of only one condition and options ....... does it mean that the MILITARY HOLIDAY FORM (MVF) We just want to inform you that this form is not free. The military Vacation form, (MVF). Returns the sum of One Thousand and Fifty five dollars ($ 1,055.00) First and foremost, you must send the following data: Send us the following details below: ID (e.g. driver's license, national ID) or International Passport: Your home address / country: Phone Number: Job: Date of Birth (DOB): Country / City: We will conduct an audit on our NSA database and review your request as soon as we hear from you The money must be made via bank to bank transfer or bank deposits. Once you transfer the money, you will be sent the Military Vacation form (MVF) in no less than 48 hours Approximately. And immediately the certificate and your husband gets his holiday granted immediately. Note: inform us on when you want to make the payment so we can issue you the payment information.

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