Saturday, 11 January 2020

One Minute Warnings Of Ones To Watch ~ Brian Haugen

One Minute Warnings 
Ones To Watch
Brian Haugen
If you have been contacted by these pictures you 
have not been contacted by the person in them but by 
the scammers that have stolen them. 
You will be asked for cash/cards/goods. 


Dr williams Gardner working for U N in Myanmar.


  1. Yep been talking to someone using this man's photos for 10 months. He got me for 800.00. He goes by Dr williams Gardner working for U N in Myanmar.

    1. I so wish you had searched before this all began ! I could have saved you a lot.
      Thanks very much for the information.

  2. Using some of these images as Dr williams Gardner working as a civilian Dr with U N in Myanmar using email
    BEWARE. Got me for 800.00

  3. Мне писал мошенник с этим фото, он был нефтяников и звали его Thomason Jackson, предлагал отношения, но вовремя проверила на скаммеров, и он сразу всплыл. Мошенники меня ещё долго спрашивали, как я их рассекретила

  4. Well I was contacted by the fake Brian haugen he wanted 2000 euros from me what he didn’t get . This scammer got really aggressive. He even send a fake US Passport .and a cut of Videochat . I hope nobody else falls for that scam . Girls be aware he is trying everything to get some money .