Wednesday 1 January 2020

GENERALS... fakes and emails we see used in scams



Gen Curtis M. Scaparrotti - 940-229-6421 Gen Curtis M. Scaparrotti - 206-690-8666 Paul Funk - 318-303-6984 Richard Clarke - 305-900-4499 General Richard D. Clarke - 202-7358-1857 Gen Richard D. Clarke - 201-472-5544 General Richard D. Clarke - 864-450-2840 Gen Richard D. Clarke - 904-597-1027 General Richard D. Clarke - 870-724-1471 +44 7418 331203 Struggle Jennings - 407-490-2428 Struggle Jennings - 305-912-4465

General Austin fake : Austinscotmiller5000

General Stephen Townsend His email that he uses is:

Majo Gen Austin Scott.Miller Gen Austin S.Miller
Mojer Gen Austin Scott.Miller Gen Austin S.Miller
Fake General Miller +1 657 298 9868
Fake General Mcconville
+1 910-227-3195
unitednations America New email January 2021
1 January 2021 Feb 2021
Call +1 857-232-8038
Call +1 562-774-3354
Call +1 910-505-8771
Call +1 713-936-9355
Call +1 450-259-1008
Call +1 781-262-8319
Call +1 510-756-0303
Call +1 562-774-3354
AUSTIN MILLER .. July 2019 May 2020
WhatsApp +93776576861 Email hangout March 2020 April 2020
Call +1 209-227-3598
Call +49 176 81409000
Call +1 813-922-0100
GENERAL RICHARD HOLLIS (fake) +1 320-322-1211 June 2020

On Facebook he is William.Burke the number he is texting from as william Burke is. 1- 424 -246-2715. He has an email address saying its has daughter email is
FROM HIS FAKE DAUGHTER  OLIVIA GARRETT. I’m so sorry I’ve been very busy with my school project, my dad has told me a lot about u, well to start I must admit I was so surprised, for more than 3 years he finally told me he found love again and u would be a good stem mum to me, I’ll love to have a complete family again, I don’t want to keep staying in the school Dormitory, and for the first favor please help talk my dad into sending me Australia, this is a secret between us but I’ve got a boyfriend there and he is really nice, I want to go there and finish my studies i was there before I came here, I want u to help me convince him to let me go, and u will have all the time to spend with him I’ll come visit thought Hope to hear from you again Have a lovely day miss Carmella from the way my dad talks and before he could ever give u my email I’m sure he loves u please take good care of him and u can call me blue, all my close friends call me blue .

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