Thursday 9 June 2016


''Hey Dear, how are you? I'm sorry to bother you with my message, actually Am new here. I was going through profiles when I came across yours... I must confess I can't just take my mind and eyes off you. i like your looks, you are so charming and beautiful, no same man will browse through your profile without wanting to say hello..'' (There is a cat as the profile picture)
''Hello, how are you doing? thanks for getting back to me, I hope you don't mind if we get to know each other more better as good honest and trustworthy friends.''
''I was born in Drexel Dayton, Ohio But i grew up in Canada , My dad was an International businessman he deals with raw materials . I spent most of my life in Canada that's why i have a Canadian accent . After the death of my parents i move back to the state. I'm currently in Louisiana at the Gulf of Mexico working right now .. I was married for 20 yrs before i lost my wife we both had a kid together her name is Jane and s ?'' (He has a Canadian accent?? Her name is Jane and s ... don't you think that is a strange name for a kid?)
''I have already lived in England when I was young, before moving to the states with my parents. I have been out of the States several times on different occasion, maybe on a work trip, or vacation trip. My work has took me to places like; Spain, Malaysia, England. While on vacation trip I and my Daughters have been to; Switzerland, Italy, Yugoslavia,Greece, Bermuda, Paris, Rio DE Janeiro of Brazil, and Dubai. I would love my next vacation trip to be with that special someone, because I don’t believe I’m destined to travel this road alone; I look forward to sharing my journey in love, laughter & friendship.''
''something tell me that you are perfect for meI wish you could give me a chance to love you''

Paul is the Master of copy and paste... but he is good off script so that means he's been at this a while... his English is decent too.

After 20 mins 'chat' where I put him off as much as I can I get 

''My daughter will be very happy to know that we are planning to be together''

I won't be staying around long enough to get to the money. I was only trying to get his story !!

''Then give me your email address''
So I did...

His reply was : !!!!! Note Williams Davis but also note he didn't look at my email address !!
BE CAREFUL... HE IS QUICK AND HAS ANSWERS. HE WANTED A PHONE NUMBER VERY QUICKLY, Please don't give your phone number to strangers.. even if they are in love with you after 20 minutes.


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