Saturday 25 June 2016

John Casaretto is Dead !

I have some news.... 
John Casaretto. Michael John Cassaretto.... is dead.

He was in Ghana mining gold and yes, he was caught up in a mining disaster... and is now deceased !!!

His body will be flown to wherever you are because YOU are his only beneficiary.

Now this contact was 2 YEARS after the last contact with this scammer...

You might think this Casaretto looks a lot like Dr Steve Jones... that's because it's his stolen pictures ! 

More of his pictures and names here:

It's a bargain... the Oh the Reverend Daniel Sarpong only wants $200 and he'll be the executor for you.


  1. I have a gift that I hope you like these are all stolen photos Of Dr. Steve Jones.


    1. I do indeed.. thank you, I will add them to the Dr Steve Jones page today.