Thursday 9 June 2016

Ronald Scott ... 2 accounts, same scammer!


Facebook and Dating sites.... 


Widowed !!!!! 

Only daughter staying with in-laws in the U.S.

He is from Florida but is leading a platoon of 22 men in Kabul (Well, the 'bull; bit is right !).

'Ronald' is prepared to talk to you for a while before he gets to the money. Two months, every day !!! Patient boy !!

His scam is that he is asking you to apply for leave for him. Of course you apply to his Commander and you have to pay. (REAL MILITARY DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR LEAVE)

When you don't he goes quiet.... his Commander (Michael James will tell you that he has been injured and needs $300 to pay for treatment.

 ( is a free email address you can get through, they have many you can choose. NO-ONE from the Army contacting you would use anything other than an official email address).

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