Thursday 23 June 2016


Staff Sergeant at United State Marine CorpsWent to La Marque High SchoolLives in Manassas Park, VirginiaDivorcedFrom Texas City, Texas
Scott has asked for ''$220 honey for leave permit''
''That is the protocol'' 
''you have to make a payment to request for leave or you wait till the end of the mission''
''email to''

A very important email comes from the Commanding Officer'.
''To acknowledge the leave requested for the officer inperson of Sgt. Scott Reade by i commanding officer passing this to youthrough my email to make this formal to you. The attached documentsare the required papers needed which you have to fill and reply forproper documentation and the officer must have told you the rightprocess and the payment to complete this request, i commanding officerawait your reply to the attached documents and the concent of theofficer to proceed on this, sincerely commander officer General,''
Dreadful English and Grammar.... won't fool an English speaker... but it may someone who doesn't have English as their first language. 

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