Tuesday 20 September 2022

Yahoo.. As it is... The Truth

 In simple explanation, a Yahoo-yahoo boy is someone with fraudulent disposition and mentality, with the aim of defrauding an unsuspecting person

of his or her financial belongings using Internet-enabled devices like computers and phones to fulfill his personal and selfish aggrandizement.

They are often known as scammers
Their stock in trade is simply to defraud people of their money. Their age ranges between 16 and 35 years, but, unfortunately, a larger percent of them are students of higher institutions across the country.
They want to, using words and pictures, defraud a client of his or her financial
belongings using their devices like laptops and phones to fulfil their personal desire for luxury goods.
They will tell you and they like to confess, they do it as there are no jobs for them. IN 2022 Nigeria and Ethiopia has the highest employment rate.
Across West Africa, fraud pays better than working. So online
fraud is popular.
It is a HUGE and complete industry of experts..
It is not just one boy in a bedroom, scamming one person
Teams work in rooms and scam 100++ people at a time.
There are huge groups on Telegram and Whatsapp that sells Formats (scripts).
Websites are made for tracking fake packages, or seeing a fake Bank Account or a Fake Military Website.....
Gifts are arranged and making fake photoshopped pictures and fake videos for video calls are ordered and made.
The people in the pictures have no way of not being used once an criminal has decided to steal the pictures.
If a scammer wants to confess they will say it is 'just to put food on the table' ... this is just more scam.
These criminals are rich thieves.

If you are sending money to anyone you have only met online... you will be paying a cyber thief.

Let us look closer into this in Part 2

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