Wednesday 7 September 2022

Rex Nelson using Anthony Dohrmann


Good day, thank you for your service, I applaud what you are doing.
I am from South Africa, received a sweet message from a man named Rex Nelson to accept him as a friend.
Just to be clear I'm not a big Facebook user and only go on for certain groups, I have not accepted a friend request in probably 5 years.
I replied asking why he wanted to be friends, he replied that I looked like a nice person, and my post made him laugh.
Seemed innocent enough, I accepted him as friend. Onto Facebook chat, I made it very clear I was not looking for a relationship. So we chatted, he is US citizen working on oil rig in Mexican Gulf, widower of 4 years, traumatic story, 2 young kids. Being a nurturer I felt sorry for him.
He asked me to move over to google chat as he was more used to that, didn't give it a thought and complied.
Chatted maybe once a day, started getting suspicious when he was pushing questions... would you get married again, would you have a long distance relationship, etc.
I constantly replied no to all and repeatedly explained I wasn't interested in any relationship.
Then I noticed he called me the wrong name and further clearly had not read any of my answers, and was repeating the same questions, almost like reading text off a page. My suspicions were raised, I checked his cell number and it was from US, I went onto Facebook messenger and his account was deleted.
I blocked him immediately and deleted google chat, this was around 6 days of contact.
Rex Nelson
+1(872) 4003306

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