Monday 9 May 2022

This is a scam by a Justeen Onouha in Port Harcourt Nigeria. He tells lots of stories and sadly gets LOTS of cash and goods


THE WORDS AS I GOT THEM (The Emojias are from me to point out red flags ! and give my opinion! 🤬 )

I got the exact same story in April 2019.

🚩His parents died in a car crash in Italy when he was 17 and moved to California to live with his aunt and uncle. 🚩His aunt was killed and his uncle became an alcoholic after that.

🚩The uncle became very abusive towards him and eventually killed himself.

🚩Wife was killed in a car accident in Alabama four years ago and had a daughter Diana 12yo living in Italy with her godmother because nobody would take her in while he tried to get back on his feet.

🚩Also had to pay and take care of his in-law‘s after his wife was killed and sold his parents house that was willed to him in Italy and took a loan for 150K in order to take care of them.

🚩He was working as an architectural engineer and was going to China to build a bridge in September 2019. Claimed he just came back from China nine months ago. (🚩 NO AMERICAN WOULD BE HIRED TO BUILD ANYTHING IN CHINA)

🤬I sent him three top-of-the-line Apple phones as well as an Apple Watch to his contact 🤬 Justeen Onouha 🤬in Port Harcourt Nigeria.

🚩He convinced me that we were going to get married and I was going to move from New York to California to be with him and get his daughter back so I could adopt her and we could have a family of our own.

🤬I sent him almost 1/3rd of the proceeds of the sale of my home and I will never see it again because it was all lies.

I put all of my experience with him on Scammers support group on Quora and met someone who said she had the exact same story, photos, ect but he claimed to be from Germany named Liam.

🚩He friended me on Fitbit 2x’s under “EnchantedStars” and Brown C. I had them taken down but apparently now goes by JoeF. I met him on a Military website and conversed thru Hangouts.

🚩In the beginning I spoke to him every day through video chats on 🚩 Hangouts for hours at a time and this lasted for three months before he left to go to China for work. He is very good at what he does. He is VERY DANGEROUS! Even sent me a ring!🤬

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