Monday 16 May 2022

On Instagram as Dave Martínez from New Orleans, Louisiana. Of course falls in love then gets arrested and asks for a LOT of money. Never send to anyone! EVER


I give you the message as we got it.
Popped up on my Instagram as Dave Martínez from New Orleans, Louisiana.
Said he was some sort of engineer, worked on commercial air craft. Oh my God i feel so stupid. This went on for almost a year up until 2 days ago!
He has my personal information and I've sent this person thousands of dollars!!
I took out a loan for him cause he claimed he was going to be thrown in jail .
He claimed he was overseas working.
Oh my God how do these people live with themselves. I wish i had known about this website before.
The email he used was .
I wonder if the real person in these pictures knows that someone is using his photos to scam and hurt so many people. (YES HE KNOWS AND CAN'T DO A THINK ABOUT IT.. SCAMMERS ARE THE LOWEST OF THE LOW)
Anyways thank you for this. I'm going to through up and cry now. May God BLESS You all.

Brian posed this email address and he represented Mark Miller as an Attorney as a point of contact for transitioning his “suitcase of money” requiring the UN in Turkey who had safe holding of the case.
I laughed bcuz Mark Miller had “no attorney title” just that email address.

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