Wednesday 12 January 2022

This is the Nigerian scamming as KELVIN SMITH, using Dr Pinto and the usual confession.

 This is the Nigerian

scamming as
and the usual
The confessions are always the same. They are with a script too.
Ma I am really sorry for this please🙏 try to find in your heart to forgive it a shame that I don't have money that what lead me to fraud I am too sorry for that
I need help
I can't find to feed my self anymore
An orphan like me
If you need my real face you can tell me
But I promise god when I find help I will stop this nonsense
Sorry once again
Hope you forgive me it porvety that leads to it Nigeria is too hard to adopt
Right now I have 5$ as my last money I have to suffer to eat
Forgive me
I need work
''What else can I do when I don't have money or work
That why I have to apologise Because I know is wrong
I just started it yesterday my friend tells me it will help me
So just so you know.. if you are poor it is ok to streal someone's picture and
hunt for people to steal from... Nigerian teaching AND THE WORST THING IS THEY DO NOT SEE IT IS ALL WRONG.
Also. His English shows he didn't start this yesterday!

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