Sunday 2 January 2022

Carl Smith is a fake Engineer in Turkey! Stolen pictures Scammers asking and getting nothing!


CARL SMITH .. Engineer
Hey crew 
I'm from Poland, so my English isn't my native language, forgive me some mistakes.
I met Carl Smith on Tinder. I thought im not so stupid-but i was  After 3 weeks talking about nothing he proposed ( !) whatsapp, next 6 weeks it was very nice conversation.
About weather. Recipes. Work. Carl send photos, I was sending mine, not much. It was very hard year for me, so i really needed person really close, who take care of me.
Carl texting every day- morning to say good morning, in lunch break, evening.
About him (profile) single, never married, no kids, civil engineer contractor, born in USA, living in Edinburgh, Scotland UK. (time difference one hour from me), two brothers, one sister (one brother in UK).
Likes USA rap, 🚩 pink colour 🚩, car Audi A6, has brown eyes, 188 cm, like football 🚩 and is fan of Chelsea,🚩 no tattoo. Like cooking but favourite is spaghetti and everything with cheese.
Baking banana bread (gave me recipe ). Born in USA 22 Dec 1970 or 1969 mobile +447915605484
Carl get the big contract in Turkey, first not, but he negotiated. Contract was in Wednesday, flight to Istanbul Turkey 🚩 on Saturday. He showed me email from client, with number of flight, name of lawyer.🚩

After getting Istanbul he was busy but still textng, sending photos and short movies from Istanbul (with not him), Taksim Square and from construction site.
One day we couldn't texting course his phone start to spoil. 🚩 In turkey there is no Apple stores 🚩 and services, so ask, if i can help him and buy in Poland. 🚩
I was on a Ispot and check- He could buy Iphone online, 🚩 i came get it in Ispot (i didn want to tell my address to delivery) and sending him to Turkey. But i checked Fedex, DHL, DPD and sending any Apple products is forbiddeen to Turkey. My friend are going to visit Istanbul on 5.01.2022 and i told Carl, if he will buy friend take it to plane. We never back to that topic πŸ˜‚
Few days later in contruction site was a little accident, JCB excavator drive to table with plans and Carls computer. 🚩
He almost lost data. He was sending every day photos from work.
In next days some people stopped work – they gave him stop order work. 🚩 He must pay, as a foreign contractor, 35000 Euro. 🚩 Carl was broken, borrow money from friend and family, negotiate with his bank. 🚩
Ask me of help-🚩 he has one hour to important meeting, so fast try to do transfer from his bank to business account. But with no laptop it wasn't safe. Send me link to bank and ask about opening and sending back print screen. I've never opened links. I write bad url adress and show that i cant open that link, cause Uk isn in Union and my firewall stopped it.🚩
Next day he has almost all money, 4000 left. First time ask me about money, not all 4k, but any i can send. 🚩 I have no money ! crisis and inflation in Poland are very high, i try to help my business not strange man. I told no.
And still everything was like in love story . But I was sure that something is wrong. So I asked about more photos, from hotel, from Istanbul. I wanted calls, and than i was sure- i know 5 languages, have lot friends in all the word. That accent wasn't from USA/UK but Africa/Turkey/maybe India. 🚩
Stilll not video call. 🚩
Why is he most danger than others ? cause is very good. Every information from Edinburgh and Istanbul are true. He knows about weather, time differences, food in that countries.
Remember everything about me, take care of me- like real man. Asking about day, but remember about even stupid things like plan of baking cookies.
Good in details- when i asked about growth, tell me in feets (UK). Really like football, know everything about Chelsea, and delayed matches cause covid situation. No copy-paste texts. Very individual. Perfect British language. Kind and gentle.
I try to checked every informations from photo- even concrete tank was from Turkey (he showed me tanks from, the same size and colours). Every dates were correct. Even name of lawyer from email is from Istanbul. He call me my name , cause i didn't want any honey, dear etc. Never made mistake.
But nobodys perfect.
He send me in beginning his photo in suit. Few weeks ago selfie in mirror from hotel in Istanbul- but it was the same place, with the same sconce and mirror behind.πŸ˜‚
I asked one day what is for breakfast- Turkish breakfast- i ask of photo course O never heard about it. Photo was in minutes. I saw later a little sign of source that photo prom Xiaiomi redmi note 9, not from iphone. He told me was alone in room.
I asked if from his room is nice view to Istanbul- told me that not, only buildings, and his room is on very high condignation. Few days later send me photo with trees outside, not so high.πŸ˜‚
I require address for sending him xmas card- he gave me some fake address (mine was post office address). His fake address in Istanbul Esentepe mahallesi 2858 sokkak no. 13 Sultangazi Δ°stanbul
So i feel like stupid lady, but he is really good hunter. I try to find him in Google, on scamalerts pages, Rusing photo, name, phone- but i think its new „person”
And why i want to find Real person from photo, because „Carl Smith” will make really big problems to that real Man from photos.
Best regards and if i Can help just tell me
You got nothing this time! We will all do our best for you to always get just as much πŸ™‚
These fake Bank Accounts are so far away from real accounts !
Over $5million and it is suspended πŸ˜‚
Nice picture on there and allowed to log in!
OH dear Scammer... RIDICULOUS

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