Monday 13 April 2020

Sabbah Festus from Ghana is using these pictures as William Smith and MANY other names. Scamming in the gay community.

William Smith
Looking for Mr. Right to build a life with and spend the rest of it with, someone who will eventually be my husband......
+233 554029724
His name is first Danwuil
Lastname Kofivi

City/Town Accra

mobile number 055 402 9724

Other names these pictures are used with includes.. :
Various names
Richard hazel
David Smith
William Smith
Lewis marks
Peter monn
Alan Meier
Larry Smith~~
''I am an E-7 Staff Sergeant (SSG). I also act as a platoon sergeant in the absence of the Sergeant First Class(that is when they need arises and they need a helping hand). I was the leader of my squad and worked in the Senior management of the Military... that’s my rank in the army service here ''
I have my last mission to go and it will be a secret mission with will stationed in Kabul, It will not take too much of time just like some months and then I’ll just probably come back with you there not to go in the state anymore

Okay Cool😎 i normally work 11-13 hrs per day
I'm the only Child of my parents and i don't know any of my relatives since we left Germany to the United state-of America for job settlement
I was born in a town call Hamburg in Germany but relocated to Wisconsin with my parent for job settlement when I was 10 years old.
I was raised in Wisconsin graduated from high school in Wisconsin at Whitefish Bay High School and went to college in University of Wisconsin–Madison
My mum was a nurse in and Dad was trumpet trainer πŸŽΊ and other musical instruments in the army
I decide to join the Wisconsin Army National Guard for 3 years after my college in University of Wisconsin-Madison
In 2006 I went to Basic Training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and then was sent to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, for Heavy Equipment Operator
2006 Was tough though but I got through it like a soldier, In 2008, I was activated for Operation in Iraq freedom, so I was sent to Camp Cropper in Baghdad
It was really painful when I return from Iraq and got to know that I lost my parents and felt so lonely which really got me sad that I decided to move from Wisconsin to
I’m 30 old years will turn into 31 soon in June
I’m in camp bullis
It was really painful when I return on mission from Iraq and got to know that I lost my parents... They got accidents with a car πŸš˜ it’s was a drunk πŸ˜΅ man that let all these happen to them
do you know a steam gift card
I know you’ll never heard of it , it’s used to play game online and do different things on iPhone πŸ“± device
I have had a look AT it is $37.95 USD
I need to play games,download movie and get some music too if you could get it there
Just had call from my commander yesterday
He just pretend me my last mission document and I was the last person that was not yet ready
it’s a secret mission love I think it will be just for some months
can your internet can work to me during I’m on mission Or your phone career
I’ll be living tomorrow , we’re like 91 m’en going there
On our patrol last night we run into a group of terrorists and there were exchange of bullets,some of our men were hurt and have been hospitalized
We caught some of the terrorists red-handed
I got hurt in the process of saving the life of one of my colleagues , love i missed my army ID card, I miss my debit card πŸ’³ I missed my phone πŸ“± and my whole wallet
it’s because of my phone that’s why I couldn’t reply you back to you I’ll have to go to get a new Id Card creat tomorrow l I’m just thinking about the phone πŸ“± how to stay in touch with you
, I couldn’t get a new phone here Our account is no more working over here and this place is a camp there is no seller or shop here it’s around with desert πŸŒ΅
I just wanted to ask you if you can do me a favor to get me phone πŸ“± so I could login my iCloud on it to my information,mΓ©dia and everything back
One of our colleagues just receive package last night from the state he get the address from my commander so when you get ready for it I’ll just ask my commander for the address and he will give it to me
But is there not Iphone πŸ“± 8 plus
you’ll put a SIM card in it when it arrive with you before send it here to me l
wait a bit I’ll have to ask for my commander then he will give me the address sweetheart
I’ll take it from my commander , we don’t have an address here it’s the diplomat that bring the packages πŸ“¦ here so I’ll take that address from my commander and give you
In sad mood at the moment but I’m doing okay
I mean Ollie my dog πŸ•
Since when I missed my phone πŸ“± I haven’t heard from him... I just received an email today on this account I’m talking you with from there health care the said He is Hospitalized 2 days ago now love he is under serum now
That’s my only best friend in life before I’m really confused and sad
don’t know how to let them get him the medicines now love, I’ll try to call a bestie to see if she could visit the hospital and see what is happening I’ll tell her to do me that favor to get them the medicines
I’ll need to go and ask permission from my boss to call her , I’ll write to you as soon when I’m done talking with her.
Jennifer is not around she went to see she’s family
they just asked me to get him the medicines ... they have written it also in the mail ...many of my colleagues here know that I’m having a problem
I know I can’t get a help from you because you’ve done so much to me this is making me confuse a lots
I’ve tried to look for the type of medicine they asked on google and I get them
These are what they asked
Chlorpromazine (Rx) 37$ Metoclopramide. (Rx)57$. Cimetadine (Rx) 26$
This is crazy I don’t know why the service do these all the time to not allow us to have our account during on mission....
Still waiting , don’t know how to get it now . I haven’t reply them back I know they will be waiting for me to reply or they send another email again
can you try to your best to get some of the medicines to him
,but for the medicines you’ll just give the money to them and they will get it themselves love.
but let me know If you can get him one of the medicines okay
Never used any address of Kabul to send a package okay
If you send a parcel to someone on mission in Afghanistan it will not come straight...
Yes I’ve got the address from my boss to you already lmI’m just waiting from you to ask me before... He said it’s the same diplomatic will send the package here so you should send it to him..
Yes when the parcel past trough the diplomatic it’s has been secure and checked well because of security issues here.... and it will come to the camp safely
I’m in Camp Eggers Canp Eggers was a United States military base in Kabul, Afghanistan located near the US Embassy and the Afghan Presidential Palace...
I haven’t heard anything about Ollie yet that’s what is worry me over here
Sabbah festus
P.O Box 2
Denu V/R Ghana
( this is the Scammer)

that’s the only address every of my colleagues used to receive they’re parcel here
That’s what he told me , just go to the post office they’ll send it to him
Let’s be honest with yiu I am not going send anything to Ghana πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­ to an unknown address that comes from a village and being honest there are too many red flags
I want you to know you just can't hear my voice cause the phone i'm using on here does not have mouthpiece
I have given you my Word and still will like to do everything to make you believe me but i think you are trying to let me down due to what your friend telling you
I want us to keep all our conversations to our self's and never share this with anyone else cause i think this will destroy our friendship .I hope we can trust each other on this?
I am an E-7 Staff Sergeant (SSG). I also act as a platoon sergeant in the absence of the Sergeant First Class(that is when they need arises and they need a helping hand). I was the leader of my squad and worked in the Senior management of the Military... that’s my rank in the army service here


πŸ‘ΏYou are not talking to the person here.. you are talking to a criminal on a laptop

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  1. The guy from the last pictures suposly id Reyes DERL from san Antonio tx working in the army in Kabul but leave a Los Angeles number 323 8860371 please verify for me