Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Maurice ~ One Minute Warnings of One to Watch

One Minute Warnings of
One to Watch

If you have been contacted by these pictures you
are not talking to the person in them. You are talking to the
scammers that have stolen them. They WILL ask for money and/or gift cards, 
never send for any reason. 


  1. This guy looks very familiar. I believe I had him as a contact on Instagrahm.I believe I have since deleted him so I can't be sure. So this HUNK is "not the scammer""? the scammer is just using his picture? If this is the case then this HUNK should be informed that his pic is being used by scammers. What can be done with this?

    1. Maurice is not a HUNK.. he is a human and he knows he is all over social media and the internet used by scammers to steal money.
      What can de done??? Education so women knoe every contact from a hink is fake !!!! (Hunks don't need to Hunks don't Hunt)...
      and stop the money flow to them.
      Scams originate in West Africa, corruption rules there and little is done with thier scammers.. they are allowed to do this openly. It won't change from that side, it has to change from ours