Tuesday, 27 August 2019

KYLE.. U.S. Firefighter used in scams

KYLE.. U.S. Firefighter used in scams

One Minute Warnings
Ones to Watch

If you have been contacted by these 
pictures you
are not talking to the person in them. 
You are talking to the
scammers that have
 stolen them.
 They WILL ask for money
 and/or gift cards, 
never send for any reason. 


  1. He also goes by the name Johnson, Steven Castello on TikTok and Google Hangouts. He will promise to send you money if you give him your account information. Idiot thinks I was stupid. Would like to report to more places but this is the only one I found.

  2. Goes by Michael Burk on Uniformdating. My gut told me something was wrong so only invested a few days in him before the red flags really started waving. So glad that I have learned to trust my gut!

    1. Your gut tells you the truth when your heart is in fantasy ! Alway trust it.. so pleased you searched and found !

  3. His photos are being used on pof too just popped up and there as subtle tell tale signs.... all these guys are catholic for a start.

    1. yes and remember fkae religion is a BIG tool in the scammer's box of tricks.
      The love to use religion to make them appear good people. They are not.