Thursday, 8 August 2019

Josh Marion ~ One Minute Warnings of One to Watch

Josh Marion


One Minute Warnings of

One to Watch

If you have been contacted by these pictures you

are not talking to the man in them. You are talking to the

scammers that have stolen them. They WILL ask for money and/or gift cards,

never send for any reason.


  1. He claimes now that he is josh marion and that he works in the army st george utah and that he have a dauther and that must go to jail in teo weaks because a debt and that he comes in january and that he no money wants

    1. Nobody should ever believe that... sorry but scammer stories go too far and honestly.. BLOCK.. they get away with this because nobody ever blocks them !

  2. Told me his name is Clayton and is a cardiac surgeon lol

  3. Me dijo que estaba en Alepo Siria y que era un soldado del ejรฉrcito que estaban en una misiรณn allรก. Que tenรญa 9 meses allรก que era huรฉrfano de padre y madre y que todos sus amigos y novia en USA lo habรญan traicionado y que estaba solo. Que me estaba contactando a escondidas de sus jefes. Nunca me pidiรณ nada pero me metรญ a investigarlo y encontrรฉ como 100 redes sociales diferentes de รฉl en Instagram y FB. Lo enfrente u dijo que como era posible que no confiara en รฉl, que mejor ya no iba a hablarme jajajaja