Tuesday 17 July 2018

Dr Andrew 'Andy' Baldwin.... STOP HIM BEING USED BY SCAMMERS

Commander Andrew "Andy" James Baldwin, MD, USN is a US Naval Officer, ironman triathlete, humanitarian, and physician.... AND YET CONSTANTLY USED BY SCAMMERS


  1. I have been receiving the same Pictures myself through and app called hangouts but the he calls himself DR frank miller and he is in the US Navy but using andrew baldwins pictures. I am a victim of a scam. he has already taken money from me he told me that he is daughter was in a bad way and needed money to be sent to the hospital to a doctor by the name of how do we stop these people from doing this to more Innocent people such as myself. when is this going to stop how do we stop this from happening to us.

    1. You stop sending money.. and that is the blunt truth.

      It won't stop. Scamming is FAR too easy... it's easy to check and Andy Baldwin is everywhere but scammers know women don't check. Nigeria will never stop it's scammers.. makes too much money for everyone.

      It has to stop yes and it will only be stopped from our side. Stop and check because nobody ever does. I'm sorry they found you but they depend on you checking after the event.. if only you had found him before. !!