Monday, 6 February 2017

KELVIN DAVID PORTER, more 'Porter' fake and scamming.


  • Works at United States Army
  • Studied at Army and Navy Academy
  • Single
  • From Scis, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy

FAKE U.S. Army

I LOVE IT WHEN WE GET ANOTHER KELVIN.. African scammers favourite name... this one was KELVIN PORSIL.. but obviously Porter is a better stolen identity for scamming.


.. and a lost too long to even start to tell you.

Real man is a Paratrooper who is NOT CONTACTING WOMEN AND DOESN'T NEED ANY MONEY...

You are NOT talking to the man in the pictures... you are talking to Africans waiting to steal your money.

President Donald J. Trump..someone has to do something about Scammers making money out of your Military personnel. Nobody has done it so far and here are Scammers from Nigeria and Ghana and terrorists raising money using U.S. Army personnel. It is a National Disgrace that has to be 

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