Monday 6 June 2016

Michael Roy Thompson Jr

Michael Roy Thompson Jr.. FAKE PROFILE... 

Studied at London Business SchoolLives in London, United KingdomDivorced
This scammer has had a couple of profiles in his name but
at the moment I can only find this one. 

Micheal Roy Thompson Jr cellphone number.1447042051423

He is good, believable and has had tens of thousands of $'s already that I know about so you can bet he will have had more victims.

He says he lives in the UK and is going to Canada for a job. His son fell down some steps in a motel and got an injury and so he started receiving money.. a lot of it for the hospital bills. He promised after it was all over he would come to the woman's house and they would be together... of course she would get her money back.

He never came and she never did.

The pictures the scammer sent are of two different men but I do believe he thought they looked similar and could pass as the same guy.

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