Monday 6 June 2016


David is a 'major in the army' ... poor man isn't very educated though !!

He's on a 'confidential mission in kabul'.. again no capitals.. but so confidential he can contact women on Facebook... 

He's even told one woman he's Special Service !! 
Again, then randomly contacting women whilst on duty !!!! Such good security !

Ok.. so what will be the next move.. ???? Well, we now know ...
''i am so worried down here my love, this is what i want you to help me do, i want you to help me write the diplomat so he can deliver the suitcase to you, while i wait for the approval of my vacation.''''i want you to message my love''''because you are the only person i have and trust right now my love my love i want you to help me message the diplomat right now because is a very busy man my love all i want is for my suitcase get to you safely and on time''
Of Course 'Diplomat Tzyuyunshi' will be the scammer himself being busy ! Or his scammy mate

''i am even more worried about my suitcase my love all i want is the diplomat to respond my love i do not want anything to happen to the suitcase my love because it entails all my life savings''''ok my love from the time i received the message from the diplomat i missed my dinner my love till now have not still eaten because am just so worried my queen''

Oh NO !!! He's missed his dinner !!
''i have to go for patrol my love and will be right back here when am back from patrol my queen'' But how will he manage because ''i am just real tired and have run out of strength my love just think i need little rest but just being worried about the suitcase my love''
Now.. the scam. Ryan has said it doesn't matter about money because all he wants is his life savings sent in the case (He's a top Army officer and he keeps his money in a suitcase??

Ah, but the 'Diplomat' will have other ideas !!

He mentions having a Captain called Williams Trombitas... I'd say surname first again.. but not sure who can be called Trombitas !!!

David Ryan is the gift that keeps on giving.... 

David isn't widowed !!! Surprise... however he has chosen the other option.. divorced because his wife slept with his best friend from High School !! So unimaginative !!! He is mega rich though... he sold all his property and has put all the money in the Bank... in China.

AVOID. His English isn't good and his storytelling is worse.

The Major's own words.. such good English, Grammar and punctuation... 
correctly capitalised as well !!! 

Does he think we are stupid.?? 

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