Saturday 11 June 2016

Lawrence Moran FAKE MILTARY

Lawrence Moran FAKE
Lawrence MoranI am a UN agent officer base in Syria for UN peacekeeping missionI just returned from Turkey , to accompany those refugees that are seeking asylum in Turkey
This scammer uses the story that his money is frozen while he is on deployment. He is in Syria !

''Hello my love, how was you doing today''
today I am a little boredmy son Frank needed 350 dollars for their examination fee which will start by Monday morninghis teacher informed me about the fee this morning but i can't send money out from Syria, we are limited to send out money from here am not allowed to send money because my condition here in syriaI will need your little support to send him the money so he can join the pupils and write the Exam. 
The lady he sent this to sent him an excellent reply and I will share it with you:

''Hi there . Everything is going well. Hey what annoying for your son. I've told the beginning: I do not know you personally, and do not send money. Perhaps friends or family can help him. Do not ask me! Certainly not if I've never met in person,''
Now this is the sort of reply ALL those ones that ask you for money should get !!
Most definitely not an army man ....
Working meeting with Vologda Region Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov
The Governor briefed the President on plans to create a special economic zone in Vologda Region with a new added-value wood processing facility. ''

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