Saturday 11 June 2016

John Gladney.. FAKE

John Gladney.. FAKE PROFILE

Of course he is widowed !

He talks for a while but then he begs.. and begs and begs...

''I can't here honey we need to do this fastyou sending 500euro honeyhoney pls try to go there or money gram honey''

could do this for real so I can tell try agent again pls honey''

''May be you still pay thr 2000 then I talk to my boss to fix my name cos I dint want to miss this cos now it is refundable''and then: 
''I am sorry honey but I love you,''
He didn't get anything !!!!


  1. Beware. He has just tried to scam my friend. Despicable low life scum

  2. They are... very low... rats all of them infesting the internet

  3. He thought he was going to scam me, his new name he is using is Brandon M. Gladney dob:6/14/64.
    He has a facebook with that name listed.

  4. My favourite words are 'thought he was'.. I love them not getting money and you knowing he was fake.
    I can't find him with that name though? I'll keep looking !