Friday 10 June 2016



I have to say that these are the most inventive yet.. these pictures are not from a MOVIE... AGENTS OF SHIELD 

Works at U.S. ArmyStudied at U.S. Army War CollegeLives in Kabul, AfghanistanWidowedFrom California City, California

''Hello my dearest , Thanks a lot my dear Friend for kind reply. My full names General Dennis Frank,An American National and I am still in Afghanistan where am serving and leading the American troop in Afghanistan,but will be going back to my country soon. So nice to have you as my new friend and pray that the almighty lord will help us have a mutual friendship that will profit our children and grand children in future....Amen!!!! my dear, I will like to keep good long lasting relationship that will lead to marriage with you if you allow me. My dear, i would like you to tell me about yourself. May i know about your job?.. maybe your age too? I am waiting for your next reply and Looking forward for more steady contact with you as well. God bless you!!!!!''
(WOW... sounds so ... American and genuine !!!! But if they aren't good at English themselves they target others where English is not their first language and get away with it.)

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