Thursday 2 June 2016

Daniel Battah ---- SCAMMER
Studied at Elite College Senior High SchoolLives in Kumasi, GhanaEngagedFrom Kumasi, Ghana
There was a warning about Daniel on Ghana Romance Scammers... he does things a little differently, but he is scamming big time !!

He claims he is living in an Embassy in Kumasi. 
Daniel falls in love with you and wants to come to the US or where you are to marry you !!! He gets money using various stories but has trouble getting a Visa... and they keep making mistakes with these Visas and it costs more and more.

If you then don't fall for his lies and deceit... he threatens to kill himself. Which is about as true as the rest of his story. He isn't going to leave Ghana... he is doing very well spending all the money he is getting scamming !!

(Look at him though.. would you really want to marry this !)

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