Friday 3 June 2016

Brian Becker (Obrian)

Brian Becker (Obrian)
Works at U.S. ArmyLives in Damascus, SyriaFrom Atlanta, Georgia

This poor man, get the violins out for the sad story.. 
He is divorced from his wife (no fault of his own). His son is in a private school and he is Kabul, Afghanistan. He is rather desperate to find love and get married again. 
Now.. he has the popular story of sending a package home to keep for him. He is getting discharged any time now.

The parcel is on it's way... but Brian has an 'Agent' that is in charge of the parcel getting to it's destination. Agent tells him that the parcel is in the hands of Homeland Security. Guess what... you will have to pay to get it through them and on it's way !

DON'T .. you'll get no parcel and no soldier... just an empty bank !!

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